Jiji Maa 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali turns jealous

Jiji Maa 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Karma acting and showing love towards Falguni. Suyash gets away. Uttara says this would have not happened if Karma fixed lights well. Karma says all is well that ends well. Jayant says its good that Falguni is fine. Falguni says I m fine, do tell me when to do Laxmi puja. Uttara asks Suyash and Piyali to do puja. Suyash refuses to do puja with Piyali. He doesn’t listen to anyone and goes. Piyali says I will do puja alone, I won’t give my rights to anyone. Piyali does puja.

Falguni comes to Uttara. She says you have done this to kill me, but Lord has saved me. Uttara says any ways, Piyali learnt about your and Karma’s fake marriage.

Falguni says yes, its a drama, but how will you prove it. Falguni says I couldn’t prove your crime, Piyali took blame on herself,

you can’t prove my lie, Suyash has told this to everyone that I didn’t marry Karma, did Piyali believe this, she will just get jealous, very soon she will leave Suyash and return to Karma. She challenges Uttara and goes. Uttara says I will win without doing anything, Piyali has to do this. Falguni cries and says I wanted to celebrate Diwali with Suyash. He comes and wipes her tears. They hug. He says I m also feeling bad, I have saved you, else how could I live without you. She says I m upset as I didn’t do puja with you. He cheers her.

Vidhaan and Niyati join them. They do the puja together. Jayant sits sad. He says much sorrow has come this year. Everyone looks on. Uttara isn’t there. Falguni looks for Uttara. Uttara asks Piyali to make a relation with Suyash. Piyali refuses. She says I just love Karma. Uttara blackmails her. Falguni goes to hear them. Uttara says I have proof that you planned the attack on Vidhaan, I may inform police about Karma, you think what you want to do. She says fine, even if you don’t make such relation, make everyone assume that this is true, Karma and Falguni are lying, Falguni will be sad knowing this, you wanted this right. Falguni comes in. Suyash takes her away.

Falguni asks him not to do this, else their plan will fail. He says I have to give you Diwali gift. He makes her wear the chain. He blesses her. She says you are with me. He says like mom has reformed, Piyali will reform and leave. She thinks how to tell you that Uttara didn’t change. He goes. Jayant loses in the card game. Jayant says my luck is bad. Piyali feels helpless and cries. She comes to meet Karma. She asks him not to drink. He asks her to leave. He says I have married Falguni. She asks did you really marry Falguni or not, tell me the truth. Falguni comes and interrupts. She takes Karma away. She asks Piyali not to snatch Karma from her. She scolds Piyali. Piyali thinks to take the next step with Suyash.

Uttara informs Falguni about Suyash and Piyali going ahead in their marriage. Falguni rushes to Suyash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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