Jiji Maa 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara cheats Niyati

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The Episode starts with Niyati saying I have seen jiji maa, what’s happening. Vidhaan stops her and says its OT, you can’t enter there, we should go to reception and ask. Uttara and Shom come to see Falguni. They see Suyash and get shocked. Suyash sees her. Dr. Sonali sees Falguni. Falguni recalls the last incident. Uttara asks Suyash what happened to him. Suyash says don’t worry, I got a kid who met with an accident, her parents would be coming now. She says I m proud of you. He asks what are you doing here. She says I got an employee here, her operation is going to happen. He says I would have got her. She says its a girl, so I had to come. He says I m so proud of you, you are like mum for all employees. Shom thinks such a mum who is snatching other’s right to become a mum. Suyash goes to meet

the kids’ parents. Uttara says Suyash shouldn’t see Falguni, else he can doubt on this after marriage. She goes to help the girl’s parents. She says I will handle everything, you can go now. Suyash says fine, call me if you need anything. He leaves.

Niyati asks the receptionist. The lady says patient name is Falguni Purohit. Uttara says everything is happening as I thought. She gets shocked seeing Niyati and Vidhaan. Dr. Sonali says we will start your operation, you can never conceive once this operation is done. Falguni says yes, do your duty, I m doing mine.

Uttara calls out Vidhaan. She asks what are you doing here. Vidhaan asks what are you doing here. She says I got Falguni here, her operation is going on. Niyati asks what happened to her. Uttara says don’t worry, I will tell you. Falguni’s operation is done. Niyati says so much happened and Falguni didn’t tell me. Doctor tells Uttara that operation is done. Falguni is fine, they can take her home in few hours. Uttara smiles seeing her. Doctor tells Uttara that Falguni can never become a mum now.

Falguni gets shocked seeing Niyati and Vidhaan. Niyati says Uttara told us everything. Falguni asks what did she say. Uttara says that you had acute stomach ache, operation is successful. Niyati asks why are you crying now. Uttara says she maybe in pain, let her rest. She sends them. She says I m happy today, my son’s future got secured, I remember the day when Vidhaan called me Maa for the first time, you can never experience this happiness, you can never become a mum, take rest. Falguni cries.

Niyati gets Falguni home and asks her to take rest. Falguni cries. Tara meets her and asks Falguni to place Gopal idol in her house. Falguni says no, make someone else do this. Niyati says you can do this. Tara insists. Falguni takes the idol and places in Tara’s house. Its morning, Falguni gets ready to go for work. Niyati says everything is done, just take rest, come. She takes care of Falguni. Falguni smiles and says I think you have become my mum today. Niyati makes her sleep.

Uttara feeds some birds and says doha. She says I pity Falguni. Shom says no one can make such a sacrifice for a sister. She says just call her, see how is she. Shom calls Falguni. Niyati answers the call. She says Falguni is resting. Uttara says you both love each other a lot, its a strong relation, I hope this relation stays the same when you both come here to stay. Niyati asks what. Uttara says did Falguni not tell you, I will tell you, Falguni is going to become your Jethani. Niyati gets shocked.

Uttara says I have found a nice girl for Suyash. Jayant says we can’t hurry. Suyash says I m ready to marry if mum finds her right. Niyati asks Falguni to refuse to Uttara, else she will call Suresh to stop the marriage. Falguni slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. epi was as worst as it could be but i believe there’s no limit of uttara’s evil but it’s the peak of any girl’s sorrow
    now falguni’s happiness only belongs to niyati the most plz. cvs have some mercy upon falguni in future i was weeping during reading the update then how did it effected the viewers
    i really want to ask the serial’s team how could they do this but what to say they r showing very well that how worst they could make the situations and how much they can make evil win

  2. I think it’s all fake… Remember Zeenat Chachi was shown at the same hospital where Falguni was being taken to be operated… I think it will be revealed later that she convinced the doctor for not doing this sin and keep it a secret!!! Can’t it be?

  3. If later it is shown that operation is actually not done , it does not still make sense to me. Because they have proved that a girl have to lose . I am shocked how can falguni without fighting do this. She herself is therrak villain here.

  4. by the way thanks for the update Amena
    last night i said much except this so ….

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