Jiji Maa 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni suggests an idea

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The Episode starts with Piyali asking Suyash to stay back. He worries for Falguni. Piyali dances around him on Ang laga de re….plays…. She says its fun to be in your arms. He asks her to leave Falguni. She asks him to go. He comes out and meets Falguni. She says they were not letting me go in, what happened, did you talk to Piyali. He says I didn’t feel so helpless before, that girl is mad, she is forcing us to give the company, I need help of law to tackle her. She asks what happened inside, what did she tell you. She gets the video and gets shocked. He says don’t misunderstand me. She says I know its not your mistake. They go home. Falguni recalls Piyali. She calls her and says I want to meet you. Piyali asks her to come now. Falguni agrees.

Falguni goes to meet Piyali and asks

why are you doing this. Piyali says I m not doing this for money. She throws the darts and asks her to solve a riddle. She shows a skipping rope and asks do you recall anything seeing this. Falguni recalls her childhood and gets shocked. She drops the ropes and holds her head. Piyali looks on. She asks what’s the secret of this rope. Piyali asks her to understand.

She asks her to show her earrings. She takes the earrings and wears it. She says you want to cover this long distance at once. She takes Falguni’s bangles and gives her the rope. She asks Falguni to go home and recall the story. Falguni leaves. She comes home and tells Niyati what Piyali did. Niyati says she looks mad. Falguni says she has some connection with out past, I have some memories with this rope, I feel strange, that girl is really mad, but what’s the secret of this rope. Jayant and Suyash learn that Rawat industries shares have fallen, because of the drugs case. Suyash gets shocked. Jayant gets a call and says our investor has backed out, we will be ruined if this goes on. Suyash says no, this won’t happen. Vidhaan says I won’t leave him.

Suyash says I will talk to Mr. Kapoor, I m worried that our name got ruined. Falguni says if Mr. Kapoor has a bond of friendship with us, we won’t believe in this defamation. Niyati asks her if she will invite him home. Falguni says yes, he will come here and meet us, he will know our family and believe us, not the rumors. Suyash agrees. Suyash worries about Piyali. Falguni finds him worried and jokes to relieve him. She asks him not to get angry, its not good for health. She says don’t think anything, we will file a case against Piyali. She does Champi to him and sings. He smiles. She hugs him and asks him not to think of anything else. They hug.

Mr. Kapoor says your family is good, I would like to sign this deal. Piyali asks him why is he in hurry, Rawat industry is getting bankrupt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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