Jiji Maa 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Falguni learns Laddoo is her son

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The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni trying to find Laddoo. They cry. Uttara comes in front of Jayant’s car and acts mad. She asks him to save her. He gets shocked and says I m there to take care of you. He takes her home. She sees the mansion and thinks how Suyash had ousted her. She thinks I will rule once again in this mansion. Jayant asks her to come in, no one will trouble her, its her house. She asks my house. He says yes and gets her inside. Suyash and Vidhaan get shocked seeing her. Suyash asks why is she here, I knew she is alive, but why did you get her in this house. Jayant says its her house.

Niyati takes food for Uttara. She doesn’t find Uttara. She shouts to tell Falguni. Jayant says Uttara was wandering on roads. Vidhaan says no, she was living with Falguni and Niyati,

who took care of her like mothers. Jayant gets shocked. Falguni asks where can Uttara go. Niyati says maybe someone has taken them. Suyash says take her to them, we don’t need them, Falguni ruined my life and then this woman harmed us. Jayant says she has bear much punishment till then, Falguni and Niyati kept her for sake of humanity, I m indebted to them, I will keep Uttara here now, don’t burn your future for past, forgive her. Vidhaan says dad is saying right, let her get fine first, then you can punish her.

Devraj and Chamki meet. He says I was worried for you. She says I knew you will meet us here. They see police and worry. Falguni says we have lost Laddoo and Uttara, I m tired now. Niyati says whoever took mom will call us for money. Vidhaan asks Suyash to think why would Falguni keep Uttara, even then Falguni kept Uttara and took care of her. Jayant says Uttara will stay here, I have decided. Suyash says like you like to forgive people, she has a habit to cheat people, keep her here, she will ruin this house again. He leaves. Vidhaan calls Falguni and says mom has come home. She asks what. He says dad saw her in market and got her home. She says its good you called. He says I know you were worried. She asks about Suyash’s objection. He says he knows this. She says take care of them. She ends call and says finally Uttara got her home. Niyati asks how did she go out.

Falguni meets Chamki on the way and asks where is Laddoo. Chamki says I don’t know. Falguni asks where is Devraj, he would be knowing. Devraj looks on and thinks I have hidden Laddoo but Chamki got caught. Inspector scares Chamki. He asks her to tell the truth else get ready for ten years punishment. Chamki worries. Falguni says please tell us where is Laddoo.

Chamki agrees to say. Devraj shoots her and runs. Inspector sees him and runs after him. Falguni asks Chamki where is Laddoo. Devraj shoots her and takes Laddoo away. Chamki says we found Laddoo in a jungle near cliff, inside an ambulance. Falguni gets shocked. She recalls Govind and says it means Laddoo is my son Govind. She cries and runs to Rawat mansion to meet Suyash. Servant stops her. She runs to Suyash. Suyash scolds her. She asks him to listen to her once. Suyash says I won’t listen to you. She says Govind is alive. They all get shocked. She says Laddoo is our son Govind.

Suyash doesn’t believe her. She tells her everything what Chamki said. He says you are lying, just leave. Jayant asks him to believe her once. Suyash says she won’t succeed, she has to leave. She says Laddoo is our son, we have to save him from Devraj. He says I will find Devraj but I don’t need your help. He goes. Uttara smiles and gets happy. She thinks I won’t let you all get together, Suyash will cry for his son.

Vidhaan says someone kidnapped Laddoo, Suyash got a call. Abhishek aims at Suyash. Uttara says I want to hear Suyash’s scream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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