Jiji Maa 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara threatens Niyati

Jiji Maa 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni getting shocked seeing the snake in doll house. She screams. Uttara comes and sees the snake. She says stay away, I m your mum and can give my life for you, don’t worry. She throws the snake. Falguni hugs her. She gets shocked seeing snakes. She shouts and says more two snakes are coming. Uttara gets shocked and shouts. Falguni says throw them away too. Uttara says no, I won’t go. Falguni pulls her. Niyati comes and screams. She asks them not to get scared, she will save them. Uttara says I will do something. Niyati says I can risk my life and save you. She throws the snakes out. Uttara and Falguni scream. Falguni claps and says Niyati has thrown both snakes out, see, Niyati is more brave than you, she saved both of us. She hugs Niyati and says you saved us, you are really

the best. Niyati smiles and recalls hearing Uttara’s plan. Servant gets Uttara’s sarees. Falguni says give it to me, else I will complain to mum. He gives the sarees and goes. Falguni tries to wear the saree.

Suyash comes and asks what are you doing. She says I want to become like mum. He asks shall I help. She asks do you know. He says yes, I m hero. He makes her wear the saree. She dances with him. Na sikha maine jeena….plays…. He smiles seeing her happy. Uttara thinks how did Niyati do this, if this goes on, I can’t do anything, how is Falguni listening to her, there is something wrong. She looks for bangles. She looks up and sees a spy cam. She gets shocked. Niyati says I will see what’s Uttara doing. She sees herself on the live feed and says this is my room. She sees the cam fixed. Uttara comes and asks are you shocked, why, you thought you will spy on me and I won’t know. She recalls getting the cam in her room. She says you fooled me well, you acted so good, how did you get so much courage, why are you not saying anything, speak up.

Niyati says Jiji Maa’s love gave me strength, I can challenge the mountains for her sake. Uttara says I m glad to see this, you have grown up and challenging me, you are nothing in front of me. Niyati tells the story of mad elephant and brave ant. Uttara says I have become your fan, I feel like a junior artist is given a heroine’s role, even your sister knew my secret, what did she do, she became a five year kid and roaming around me. Niyati says I feel sad for you, you got busy in revenge, you aren’t able to see how much things changed, Falguni regards me friend today, she regards Suyash as hero, I have much hope that she will get fine. Uttara says when hope breaks, it hurts a lot. Niyati says I challenge you, I will make her fine.

Uttara goes. Doctor comes home. Shom asks how did you come, Uttara didn’t call you. Niyati says I called him. She asks doctor to come. Shom goes. Suyash greets doctor and asks how can we get Falguni’s memory back. Niyati says its been a long time now, can we try now. Doctor says I will do her check up once. Niyati says she will come. Falguni comes to play game. Doctor checks her. Falguni hears her heartbeat and laughs. She hears Suyash’s heartbeat and says its so fast, my heart is beating slow. Suyash thinks our heartbeat is same, I m worried thinking what will doctor tell about your recovery.

Suyash, Vidhaan and Niyati join hands and organize a puppet show. Uttara looks on and smiles. Falguni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Snake secene was mindblowing… And funny… Finally niyati is becoming falguni’s jiji maa…. And i hope uttara truth come out soon…its getting too much

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