Jiji Maa 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara rejects Niyati’s alliance

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The Episode starts with Falguni giving lemon juice to Niyati. She asks her about the guy. Niyati praises the guy and tells his address. Falguni says sleep now, we will talk tomorrow, I m with you, everything will get fine. Niyati hugs her. Its morning, Falguni tells her mum that she is going to talk about Niyati’s alliance. She shows laddoos to take to Niyati’s inlaws. Niyati says I m scared, if they don’t agree. Falguni asks will they get such good valued bahu, don’t take tension, I promised you, you will marry that guy. She asks Zeenat to take care of Niyati. She goes. She talks to kids on the way and gives them laddoos.

She comes to Rawat villa and talks to servant. She gets in and gets shocked seeing Uttara. Uttara asks how dare you come to my house. Falguni says sorry, I came here

to meet Vidhaan Rawat. Uttara asks do you know him, you don’t know he is my son. Falguni says no, I just know he loves my sister Niyati. Uttara laughs. Shom looks on and hides. Uttara insults Falguni.

Falguni says Niyati is pregnant, its Vidhaan’s child. Uttara says you are lying. Falguni says why will I lie, you keep your money and status, I just came to meet Vidhaan, he has right to know this. Uttara says if he denies this. Falguni says my sister never lies to me. Uttara says fine, we shall know truth. She shouts Vidhaan.

Vidhaan comes. Falguni smiles. Uttara says she is saying you know her sister. Falguni says Niyati studies with you in college, why are you silent, tell her you love Niyati, you had a relation with her. Vidhaan says no, I don’t know. Falguni gets shocked. She shows Niyati’s pic and says you know her. He says sorry. Uttara smiles. She says if he doesn’t know your sister, how can he love her and make her pregnant. Vidhaan asks is Niyati pregnant. Falguni says yes, its your child. Heera and Panna come and look on.

Shom asks them to just leave. He sends them. Uttara asks Vidhaan to go to his room. Falguni asks him to say truth, how can he go. Uttara shouts enough, how dare you touch my son, you came here without permission, you are putting your sister’s sin on my son’s head, get out. Falguni recalls promise to Niyati. She says trust me, I came here to join relation, please tell Vidhaan to say truth, its not a joke, its serious matter. Uttara says he has said what he had to. Vidhaan goes. Falguni asks him to listen. She says I have raised Niyati as mum, I promised her I will make everything fine, I got laddoos for you, how shall I go empty handed, you are also a mum, I m not lying.

Uttara asks what are you doing. Falguni says please ask Vidhaan to say truth, I will become your slave forever, you are like my mum. Uttara says even if it gets proved its Vidhaan’s child, don’t think we will have relation with beggars like you, you know difference between guy and girl, guy is also pure, if girl gets a stain, she is useless, go and manage your characterless sister. Falguni shouts. Uttara says when your unwedded sister carries baby, people will say this. Falguni says your son is characterless, he used her love, how can you do this being a woman. Uttara sends her out. Falguni shouts and cries.

Falguni says Vidhaan looks a liar, I m joking, you guys look good. Uttara says I will get her in your life if you want, you have to agree to me. Vidhaan asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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