Jiji Maa 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara threatens Falguni

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The Episode starts with Shom asking Uttara not to shoot him. She burns the papers. She says I m burning Falguni’s dreams and hopes as well. She says I knew she will give evidence to Zeenat, but now she won’t get anything, I m free now, I have washed all my sins. She laughs. Niyati asks what will we do, how will we prove Gayatri innocent, how will we tell family Uttara’s truth. Falguni says I don’t know, we won’t lose, I will talk to family, they will listen to me, we will get justice. Suyash recalls Falguni and cries. Jayant and Vidhaan come to him. Jayant says sometimes world changes in a moment, but life doesn’t stop for anyone. Suyash says I want to be alone for some time. They leave. Falguni asks the lab assistant for the report. Inspector sees her and calls Uttara. He asks her to do something,

they have to give the duplicate copy on request.

Falguni tells constable that she will meet Jayant, he helped her before. Uttara says I m going to Amva for few days to see the factory. Jayant gets Falguni’s call. She asks him to meet. He asks what’s the use. She says you didn’t give me chance to prove my innocence. He says fine, I will come to meet you. Uttara asks why are you going to meet her. He says I did this mistake before, I didn’t give a chance to Gayatri to clarify, I will give a chance to Falguni. Uttara calls Falguni and says you are trying hard to talk to lab guy and Jayant, you are trying to prove your innocence, I won’t let this happen. Falguni says I have nothing to lose now. Uttara threatens her about Niyati. Falguni gets a video. She sees Niyati falling in the hall.

Uttara and Vidhaan take Niyati. Uttara says anything can happen with Niyati, I have put the oil to make Niyati fall, I hate you more, you have to save her life, she has gone to the market, she is going to die. Falguni runs out of the house. She rushes to find Niyati. Niyati checks some books. Falguni reaches there. Uttara calls her and says the attacker is there, save Niyati. Falguni sees the attacker and stops him. Niyati leaves in the car. Falguni comes home and gets shocked seeing Uttara. Uttara claps. She says you will get best sister award, if you go against me, I will kill Niyati, she isn’t carrying Vidhaan’s child now, I won’t regret this time, Jayant would be coming, if you act smart, then… She hides. Jayant comes there. He asks why did you call me here, I respect you, I can’t believe you did this.

Falguni says I have nothing to tell you, sorry to call you here. He says I regret, you didn’t regard me as father till now, its fine, whenever you want to share anything, come to me. She says I have nothing to tell you, please leave. He goes. She cries. Uttara threatens her and goes.

Uttara scolds someone. Falguni wakes up and shouts on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    This is a very disturbing series-i cannot believe what is going on in life at this y=tin=me in the world,
    i taught that INDIA is a great place to visit but after watching these past episodes it is very hurtful.
    Suyash believes his mom, does he recall what she did to Niyati when he was Suresh the driver.
    his mom is doing all the crazy things to Falguni and he will not have a second taught for the sake of love for Falguni and do something.

    how long is this going to go on like this, is this what happens in real life in INDIA.
    i know it is just episode.

    i am very disturbe.

  2. I think the producers are missing it. They are making Suyash look brainless. He knew all about Uttara as suresh why can’t he put it together now. This no longer captures my interest

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