Jiji Maa 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara keeps a condition

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The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni coming home. They recall their old meets. She says you can take me where you want. She asks do you want to hold my hands, you can hold my hands, its fine, I won’t feel bad. He holds her hand to kiss. She says you are driving fast, we are meeting tomorrow, there should be some love for tomorrow. He says I will wait for tomorrow, I love you. She says I love you too. She goes. He smiles.

Faluni prays. She asks Niyati to take blessings of Lord. Niyati takes her blessings. Falguni jokes. Falguni says I m going to Niyati’s Sasural, all rituals will start now. Niyati says I will tease you when you get married, I m fed up calling Suresh as driver, I want to call him jiju, Maa knows you both have done I love you formality. Falguni blushes. She sends Niyati.

She says Suresh is a nice guy, did you like him….

Suyash smiles thinking of Falguni. Uttara recalls the Mahendra’s words. She says I m thinking about Vidhaan’s marriage. Jayant says think its done, think about Suyash’s marriage. Vidhaan says yes, Suyash should find a girl, we can get married in same mandap. Uttara says its a nice idea, Suyash is elder, he should marry first. Suyash asks is it necessary. They laugh.

Uttara tells Shom that she has solved both her problems. Shom asks both problems together. Falguni comes home and gives the shagun. Uttara refuses to take it. She says you cheated me, you said Niyati tried to commit suicide. Falguni says situation was such that time. Uttara says if Niyati does this again, what will people say. Falguni says even Vidhaan was trying to commit suicide. Uttara says he blames me for that, what will you do if Niyati commits suicide, people will say Saas tortured her. Falguni says don’t think this, Niyati won’t do this. Uttara says its about our family respect, what will people say about us, we will be defamed. Shom hides and looks on.

Uttara says I want to stay here after Niyati and Vidhaan’s marriage, you should stay here forever as elder bahu. Falguni and Shom get shocked. Falguni recalls Suyash and cries. Uttara says there is no other way, you have to look after Niyati. Falguni says why will your son marry me, he doesn’t know me. Uttara says my son will do what I tell him, tell me, you have to decide. She goes.

Shom asks Uttara why is she getting Falguni home. Uttara says Mahendra wants to fight with me. Shom asks what’s written in that will. She says its written Suyash’s children will get all the property, you know Suyash is my son, but not my blood, he is my step-son. She smiles and says Vidhaan is my blood, he should get all the property.

Shom says if Falguni comes here as elder bahu, she will become queen. She says its not easy to break Mahendra, he is clever, he is keeping an eye on us, he is like his dad, fearless. Shom says what’s connection between Mahendra and Suyash. She says think Suyash and Falguni’s marriage is insurance policy. He says but their children will get property, why to get him married, I didn’t understand your planning. She says your mind is small, don’t use much, I m waiting for the day when Falguni agrees for marriage, then I will keep my conditions in front of her. She laughs.

Falguni hurts Suyash’s heart by acting demanding. Suyash gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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