Jiji Maa 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati’s birthday is celebrated

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The Episode starts with Suyash thinking of Falguni. Dimpy comes to him. He says I m getting burdened by the lie, I think I should tell her the truth, I should meet her as Suyash Rawat. She asks did you go mad, I m foolish to say anything, if you say you lied to her, she will call you a fraud. He says no please stop it. She says she will say I hate you and marry Sunder. He says shut up, sit here. She says you have time till Niyati gets married, have Rajma chawal now. Sunder comes home to meet Basanti bahu. He boasts and says I advice even the foolish Rawats. She gets angry and asks him what did he say. She beats him.

She imagines beating him. She cleans the house. Sunder says just make ginger tea for me, I would get freshen up. She goes to make tea. He gets Suyash’s call. She asks who is this

Suresh. He says he is some stupid man, he is just after Falguni. She cooks tea in cooker. He says that’s not the tea, its cooker. She gets tea for him. He thanks him and kisses her hand. He drinks the tea and spits. She asks how is it. He says very nice.

Falguni and Zeenat wish Niyati for birthday. Zeenat says I will wake up Bua ji. Falguni stops it. Zeenat goes. Uttara wakes up. Tara comes and talks ill about Uttara. She jokes on Uttara. Falguni says Uttara isn’t bad. Uttara gets angry hearing Tara. Zeenat asks Bua ji/Uttara to cut an onion. Falguni says its not needed. Zeenat insists and makes Uttara cut an onion.

Suyash gets Falguni’s call. Falguni says its Niyati’s birthday, are you coming on lunch. He says sorry, mom went to Singapore. He then lies to her. She says fine, I would have been glad if you came, Sunder is coming too. He says I will come back and meet. She asks him to drive carefully. He says fine, bye. He says I have lied to Falguni again. Dimpy says you won’t meet her now, let her miss you. Uttara helps in doing arrangements. Vidhaan and family come to wish Niyati for her birthday. Uttara looks on. Vidhaan gifts a stone to Niyati and says this is perfect for you. He tells a penguin’s love story. She says sweet. Uttara looks on.

Shom talks bad about Uttara. She hears him and gets angry. He tries to see her face. Falguni says this is my Bua. Sunder plays music and dances with everyone on Ladki beautiful….. Mangla does naagin dance with Shom. Sunder teaches dance to Heera Panna. Vidhaan says you never dance like this at home. Jayant says I got free from your mom today. They dance. Uttara gets angry.

Falguni says you used to say you want to meet Niyati’s inlaws, you know how much everyone missed you. Suyash asks who. She says Niyati missed you. He asks didn’t you miss me. She smiles.

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