Jiji Maa 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara reminds Falguni her slavery

Jiji Maa 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara stopping Falguni. Falguni reminds Suyash’s words that she has right to work. Uttara says I came to see if your work is going on. She asks how is her work going on. Falguni shows the earnings. Uttara says just 200 rs and takes it. She says you forgot you are my slave, I took your signs on the agreement, I thought I should let you work as I have right on you. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara says be thankful I didn’t chain you, you will always be my slave. She goes.

Falguni cries and says I haven’t thought I will become Uttara’s slave, I donated myself with my wish, I will not become slave, Uttara doesn’t deserve me, I will take my honor back from Uttara. Vidhaan surprises Niyati and gives the idea. He says this is Suyash’s childhood pics. He tells his idea

of bringing Falguni and Suyash closer. She says aw, Genius come. Vidhaan asks them to guess what he got. He shows the album. Uttara says no, we are getting late. Vidhaan says just 5mins. Falguni likes the pics. Uttara worries. Falguni asks why is this pic torn. Vidhaan says I don’t know.

Uttara says maybe kids did this. Jayant says we have no copies, scan this and upload on hard drive. Uttara says I will do this. She takes the album. Vidhaan snatches the album. Suyash runs after him. Suyash falls over Falguni. She smiles. Everyone leaves. Falguni says they all are done. Kachi doriyon se…..plays… Falguni doesn’t let him go. He asks her to leave him. She signs no.

She says you fell on me. He says leave me. She refuses. He says statue and leaves. Uttara checks the album. She joins Gayatri’s pic and says I felt I have ended your signs, but some signs are still here, don’t know how to thank you, my life is so happy and beautiful because of you, my lovely sister Gayatri. She gets angry. Falguni asks Suyash what’s this fav color, she wants to gift him. He says I don’t want anything, she should already know his fav color.

She says I don’t understand you, its tough, Suyash Rawat is Sadu. He combs hair. She spoils his hair. He combs again and leaves. She goes to Kanha and says Suyash didn’t tell me his fav color, I will convince him. Uttara tells Shom that its imp to measure the enemy. They go to Falguni and disturb her again. Falguni takes her measurements. Uttara asks what joke is this. Falguni says I have to make blouse for you, the fitting will be right, Jayant gave me order to stitch five blouses for you, you can’t even take money from me, Jayant is giving me as blessings, I won’t give it. Uttara says I will have right on all your earning. Falguni asks where is it written. Uttara asks her to read it herself. Falguni reads it and gets shocked. Uttara says you are my servant. Falguni says you are right, forgive me. Uttara taunts her and says your hope and dreams. I have measured all, I will break it, you have no right to dream. Falguni thinks you will free me from this slavery.

Vidhaan and Niyati say Falguni has become Radha. They make Suyash see Falguni’s performance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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