Jiji Maa 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni falls sick

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The Episode starts with Suyash asking Falguni to come inside the room. He asks will you have apple. She takes one. She asks him to give colors. He gets colors and asks her to start the painting. She says first you go out, I can’t make it in front of you. He says fine, promise me you will give me whatever you make. She says promise, give me water, its needed for painting. He gives her water. He stands at the door and watches her painting like kids. She takes the painting and gets on his shirt. She gets scared. He says I asked you to give it to me and you gave it this way, it should be both sides so that I can show everyone.

She stands still. He asks what happened. She says sorry, I spoiled your kurta. She goes. He says the way your painting came close to my heart, you will also come close, I trust

my love. He smiles. Falguni comes to Uttara and asks why are you sleeping on floor. Uttara says I m a very bad mum, I will sleep on the floor. Falguni says no, I held your hand, I m a bad girl, you will sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the ground. Uttara rests on the bed and thinks this is what I wanted. She lowers the AC temperature. Falguni feels cold. Niyati comes and asks Falguni to sleep in other room. Falguni says I don’t like you, go from here. Uttara asks Niyati to leave. Niyati cries and leaves. She thinks Falguni is sleeping on the floor, I will also be in same state. Jiji maa….plays….. She sleeps on the floor and says this is my punishment, I have to free her from mom’s cage, but how.

Vidhaan wakes up and sees Niyati. He asks her to get up, why is she sleeping on floor. Niyati says Jiji maa…. He asks what. She says I got a dream that she got fine, I had backache so I slept on the floor. He says you would have woke me up. Niyati goes to Falguni and sees her. She says she got high fever. She asks Falguni to wake up. She asks Falguni to change clothes. Uttara comes and asks shall I get this saree. Niyati says you have poured water on Falguni, you stooped low. Uttara says you are getting smart, enemy either be strong or weak, I always attack, I get peace in hurting you and Falguni. Niyati calls the doctor home. Doctor checks Falguni. Suyash asks what happened. Doctor says she will get fine, she shouldn’t feel cold, else matter can get bad. Suyash asks how did she get fever. Uttara says this happens with kids, Suyash I think she needs rest, you go. She acts good towards Falguni.

Falguni says I won’t tell anyone that I slept on the floor, no one will call you bad mum. Uttara makes her sleep. Niyati comes to kitchen and sees Suyash cooking. He says I m making veg soup for Falguni, it will relieve her cold and give her strength. Suyash asks her to take it, Falguni will get scared if he takes it. Niyati takes the tray. Falguni asks why did you come. Niyati says I got the soup, you will get strong having this. Falguni refuses and asks her to go. Niyati keeps the soup there. Falguni says I will have it. Niyati goes. Falguni takes the soup. Suyash stops her from putting soup in the vase. She gets scared.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How pathetic is this serial really getting.
    Uttara can comit so many crimes and get away from each one.
    The directors need to give the viewers some credit. They’re not idiots.
    Falguni (Tanvi) your career is going downhill with this role. Get out while you can and save yourself.

  2. Yes, enough is enough of Uttara how come Suyash not realising there is some one from family is doing whatever wrong happening. Why he is not investigating about his mothers death.

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