Jiji Maa 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni answers Uttara

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The Episode starts with Suyash telling Uttara about some important businessman coming to city. She asks him to invite him home. Niyati talks to Mangla about a holi program. She says special thing in that ceremony is Falguni’s Radha dance. Vidhaan says we will keep this program tomorrow, Falguni did great Ghoomar, and Suyash couldn’t see her, he can atleast see her performance tomorrow. They stop Falguni and ask her about the program. Falguni says I have work. They joke that Suyash and Falguni are same and always busy. Uttara says I m proud of you. Shom comes and says a girl has broken my nephew’s heart for a rich guy. Uttara sees Suyash and does drama. Shom tells similar story as Suyash and Falguni. Suyash gets sad.

She says a girl will always choose love over money. Suyash recalls Falguni

and leaves for home. Uttara and Shom come home. She says you did good acting today. She sees Falguni going out and stops her. Falguni says I m going to deliver saree to client. Uttara says you can’t go on scooty, I thought you are sensible. Falguni says I can write a long essay on it, how does it matter if I go on scooty. Uttara asks what will people say, see Rawat’s bahu is going on scooter. Falguni says I decided to stay on my earnings here. Uttara taunts her for her middle class thinking.

She says you won’t go on scooter. Falguni asks how will you stop me. Uttara says maybe you don’t know me. She asks Shom to go. Shom punctures the tyre. Falguni asks what are you doing. He says sorry, I m helpless. Uttara asks Falguni what does she want to say now. Falguni says Krishna didn’t want Mahabharat’s war so he tried to explain Duryodhan, but Duryodhan didn’t agree, then war happened, I didn’t wish to fight with you, but you did Duryodhan’s work now, I will fight now and show my Virat’s avatar. Uttara asks are you threatening me. Falguni says I m giving you a reply. She says Suyash met me as Suresh driver, I will show you the benefits of loving a driver. She removes the wire and rings horn. Uttara asks how dare you. Falguni says I will go by walk, you will hear this horn till battery ends, I m not same Falguni now. She leaves. Uttara gets angry and says how dare she answer me. Shom says bahus are such these days. Uttara says but she has to listen to me, I will break her pride, she will refuse to work, I will snatch her peace.

Shom says you have already snatched everything from her, what’s left now. She gets angry. Everyone dines. Vidhaan asks shall we play the word game. Niyati asks what’s that. Vidhaan asks her to say the word which she thinks after hearing the first word, we have three couples here, so we will have different rules. They play the game. Falguni says love…… Suyash says cheat. She says misunderstanding. He says lie. She says truth. He says story. She says plotting… Uttara says enough, have food now. Suyash says yes, its enough. He goes. Falguni stops him. He says the day you break my heart, you lost all rights. She says we can start life afresh. He says I have nothing to start afresh, you broke my heart. Niyati looks on.

She goes to Vidhaan and says Falguni is crying there, Suyash made her cry. He asks what, I can’t believe this. She says I have seen them. He says Suyash is too good, he can never do this. She says we both can’t fight, we have to solve their fight. He says sorry, I m stupid. She says yes you are stupid, think what to do and unite them. Vidhaan gets thinking.
Uttara shows the agreement and says you are my slave, you will always be my slave. Falguni says no Kanha, I will rectify my mistake, I will take my life back from Uttara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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