Jiji Maa 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara gets angered by Falguni’s win

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The Episode starts with Uttara Devi called to declare the winner. She gets shocked seeing Falguni’s name. She announces Falguni as winner and handsover the prize to her. Falguni recalls Niyati and smiles. Uttara poses her pics and says this smile is fake, its not my failure. She leaves. Uttara and Shom come face. She says I wished to slap Falguni, I have to save my image and reputation. She tells about an ideal world, where you can show anger and beat people. She slaps the servant. Shom tells servant that he is in madam’s ideal world. Niyati gets happy and acts to take pictures with Falguni. Falguni asks her to stop the drama. She keeps the money in box and asks her to pay fees. Niyati says money always ends because of me. Falguni says I m very happy that this money is going for your fees.


works out. Jayant tells him that he answered his call. He says the girl was scolding you, girls are not a toy. Vidhaan asks him not to teach him how to live life. He goes. Falguni says Niyati can study soon, then I will get her married. Niyati jokes. Falguni says Niyati tops in studies. Niyati asks her to keep box near the picture. Niyati gets Suyash’s call and tells Falguni. Falguni smiles. Niyati teases her. Falguni takes the call. Suyash congratulates her for her win. She asks where did you go. He says I had to go for work. She says you said you will be there. Suyash says I always wait. Driver hears him and smiles. She says I would be glad if you were there. He says I got to know you think of me as dear one, ask Niyati to take scooty pic. She says it will come next week. Niyati asks them to plan a meet. She says Falguni wants to thank you, so we will give you a party soon. They ask party.

Vidhaan comes to Jayant and tries to cheer him. He apologizes. Jayant says you started on me, does anyone talks to father in this way. Vidhaan says I was worried, its over now, you don’t get angry on me. Jayant says don’t give me chance to get angry. Vidhaan asks him to do some shopping for him. Jayant says you went on Uttara and hugs him.

Uttara cancels her meetings. She gets Falguni’s picture and breaks the phone. Shom also gets the picture and says its not any photo. She takes his phone and tells him that Falguni is eyeing the money happily, when person has need, he wins every competition for need. She gets an idea to steal the money from Falguni. Shom says I have to become a thief now. Zeenat says I also want a party. Falguni says we will give party. Niyati teases her. They all sing. Falguni asks Niyati to sleep. Its morning, Falguni asks Niyati to get money. She gets shocked seeing the box empty. They look for the money. Zeenat comes. They say money got missing. Zeenat asks how did this happen, did it get stolen.

Zeenat asks constable to find out about the theft. Constable asks them not to have any hope. Niyati says I did big mistake, forgive me. Falguni calls Niyati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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