Jiji Maa 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jayant and Falguni join hands

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The Episode starts with Suyash arguing with the doctor. Falguni says Niyati isn’t mad, I will not send her back. Suyash says all the doctors are not same, I have got someone with me. He asks Dr. Thomas to come. He says Dr. Thomas is the founder of Thomas hospital, where Dr. Bajaj works. Jayant thinks of Uttara’s planning and gets shocked. Dr. Thomas says I will check Niyati, give me her medical file. Bajaj says I m handling her case. Dr. Thomas scolds him and says our hospital is to help people, not to make big earnings by troubling people. He asks him to get the reports.

Jayant cries and says I didn’t understand Uttara’s intentions, why did you not stop Uttara when she went on the wrong path, how did you let injustice happen with Niyati and Falguni. Dr. Thomas asks nurse to take Niyati

to ambulance. Falguni says no. Suyash says let him take Niyati and check her. Shom asks Uttara not to worry, Doctor will put Niyati back in the asylum, how will Niyati get fine, you can never lose. Uttara says I play from both sides, I can’t lose. Zeenat assists Dr. Thomas. He checks Niyati and talks to the nurse. He says Niyati is absolutely fine, you can take her.

Falguni smiles. Dr. Thomas tells them about the drug mixed in Niyati’s blood, that made her behave weird. Dr. Bajaj says sorry, I did a mistake. Dr. Thomas scolds him and says someone has given the drug to patient intentionally, I will have an enquiry against you, you have done a devil’s work, I suspend you right now. Dr. Bajaj says don’t do this, sorry. Dr. Thomas apologizes to Falguni. He says Niyati got this drugs mixed in food, you can take her home. Falguni says thanks. Dr. Thomas says thank Suyash, he has helped in saving a life.

Falguni asks Zeenat not to tell anything to Niyati. Falguni thanks Suyash. He says I don’t want any thanks, I don’t want you to need any help, it will happen as you wish. She says my fate is not of any queen. He says you are not less than any queen. Dr. Thomas asks shall we leave. Suyash says sure. Falguni takes Niyati home. She waves to Suyash. Dr. Thomas says girl is good, nice choice, I m a psychologist, I know you love her, you are Suyash Rawat, why was she calling you Suresh Driver. Suyash says mind doesn’t understand heart matters. Dr. Thomas laughs.

Falguni does Niyati’s aarti and welcomes her. She says I will make food for you. Jayant comes and says I need to talk to you. Falguni says doctor said someone was giving wrong medicines to Niyati, she is fine now. He says I know who did this, Uttara was giving her drugs. Falguni gets shocked. He says I know what games is she playing with you, she never wanted Vidhaan and Niyati to get married, if you knew it, why do you want to get related to Rawat family. Falguni says sometimes reason is big, Niyati is pregnant with Vidhaan’s child. He gets shocked.

Falguni says Vidhaan loves Niyati a lot, he was going to commit suicide. He asks what. She tells him everything. She says this marriage has to happen if we have to save them. He says you should know few things, its imp, Uttara rules in the family, both the sons regard her Lord, Shom’s family lives with us, they won’t go against Uttara. She says Niyati is innocent, if she knows her child has risk because of Uttara, she can refuse for marriage.

He says we won’t tell this to Niyati, I know Uttara well, we can’t win if we attack her, if we have to make her lose, we have to play her own game against her, she doesn’t know that I know her games, I will become a spy and know her plans, I will tell you so that you fail her in her plans. She says mum always said we shouldn’t trust rich people, why do you want to help me. He says every rich people is not like Uttara, I know she is wrong, I have no daughter, since I met you, I feel Lord gave me a daughter, I accepted Niyati as my bahu by heart, just think I m doing this for my bahu and daughter, I can’t do this till you support me. She holds his hand. He wishes her best of luck and goes. Falguni says I will not tolerate this now, mum taught us not to do any wrong with anyone, but Uttara has done wrong with us again and again, I was silent just for Niyati’s sake, I won’t sit quiet now, just you can give me strength to fight, I will fail Uttara by walking on the path of my principles.

Falguni asks Uttara to meet Niyati, she is fine now, Vidhaan and Niyati are going to marry. Uttara gets shocked seeing Vidhaan and Niyati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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