Jiji Maa 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Falguni wins the competition

Jiji Maa 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni taking Natasha’s measurements with her hands. Shom looks on and says if Uttara knows she did work, she will not leave me, but I have to tell her. Uttara scolds him. He says now I will vanish her scissors. He goes and gets his hand cut. He sees the design and spoils it by his blood. Falguni sees it and worries. Shom says I have left blood stain on saree, she can’t win competition now. Uttara says its good, I want to see her sad face. Falguni recalls her mum’s words and thinks what will happen of Niyati’s fees. She gets a needle and pinches her finger. She colors the design flower with her blood to make it a design, instead a stain. Shom and Uttara come there and get shocked.

Shom asks what is she doing with blood. Uttara says she made this a design with her

blood, you can’t do anything. He apologizes. She says I will think and change her history, just do what I say. She tells her plan and goes. Shom goes to Natasha and asks her to go to hawa mahal for the photoshoot, else she will lose big contract. Natasha goes.

Falguni looks for Natasha. Priyanka says she is not here, if you don’t have a model, you can’t continue, don’t worry, you can win next year. Falguni cries and says I have to pay Niyati’s fees this year. Falguni leaves and tells Suyash that model has run away. He asks are you leaving. She says I m an ordinary girl, what shall I do. He praises her and says she is extraordinary, everyone should dream to be like her, people came here to see her saree, none will look better than her.

The fashion show begins. Falguni goes back and gets her saree. Priyanka says Falguni is disqualified. Suyash takes the mic and says our next designer has magic in her hands, her model is not here by some reason, she will wear her designed saree and come. Falguni’s name is announced. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni comes there. Shom says she has come wearing her designed saree. Uttara stares at him. Suyash signs Falguni. Shom says I told you, this saree matter doesn’t suit us.

Falguni sees Suyash and relaxes. She goes ahead and walks on the ramp with confidence. Uttara tells something to Priyanka. Priyanka says every competition has rules, models had to use saree, not designers, you don’t know catwalk, why did you wear this saree, sorry you are disqualified. Suyash and Falguni get shocked. Falguni says I m sorry, I know I didn’t follow all rules, but my model has run away, I had no option, I don’t know catwalk, I m not a model, but this competition is not of modelling, its of designing, every clothes suit models, clothes can be known if it suits everyone, so I thought to make an ordinary girl wear my saree, so I have worn this. Judges clap for her. Uttara gets shocked. She makes a face and claps. Falguni sees her.

Uttara declares Falguni as winner. Falguni loses the money. Zeenat asks did the money get stolen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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