Jiji Maa 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni tries to disclose the truth

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The Episode starts with Vidhaan surprising Niyati and celebrating their anniversary. He makes her wear the pendant. She smiles. They cut a cake. He thanks her for coming in his life. They romance. Falguni thinks of Suyash’s words. She sees him sleeping and goes out. She sits on the stairs and cry. Niyati comes and asks the matter. Falguni says I just came here. Niyati says you look worried, what’s the matter, why are you sad. Falguni says Suyash thinks I can become a mum, I have told him the truth, but Uttara lied, how shall I tell him that Uttara really got my womb removed. Niyati says I wish I could give my womb to you. Falguni says don’t say, I can give my life for you, I have to tell truth to Suyash that I can never give him a child, I can never conceive. Uttara looks on. Niyati hugs Falguni.

Uttara says all my plans are failing, Falguni got fine, if she tells truth to Suyash, he will get her tests done again, Falguni will know that her uterus isn’t removed, she can become a mum, she will win over me, its not easy to defeat me.

Jayant wakes up and asks what happened. She says I m afraid for children, their happiness should remain forever. He says everything is fine, don’t worry, come and sleep. Niyati thinks of Falguni’s words. Vidhaan asks did my phone ring, what happened, why are you sad. He gets his friend’s message. He says Sameer got a baby, its a girl. She says what if I don’t give you this happiness of becoming a father. He says it doesn’t matter, my world begins and ends on you. She wishes Suyash tells the same to Falguni.

Falguni comes to Suyash. She gets tea for Suyash. He says one shouldn’t lose hope, when you were ill, I had hope that you will get fine. Falguni says I wanted to talk to you, I saw you playing with kids yesterday. He says I love kids. He gets an urgent call and says I will come back and talk to you. He goes. Falguni goes to temple and prays. She thinks of Uttara’s words. She says I have accepted everything as fate, today I m going to tell this shattering truth to Suyash, he will be broken but I can’t hide this further. She gets a letter. Uttara looks on and thinks to stop the letter from reaching Suyash.

Suyash calls out Falguni. He asks her for his wallet. He asks her to make his tie knot. Music plays…. He smiles seeing her. She asks him to have fruits. He doesn’t see the letter. He eats fruits. He sees the letter. Uttara comes to spread some aarti smoke there and picks letter. He goes. She comes to Niyati. Niyati says I m sure Suyash will understand, you will win this battle too. Servant says Suyash has come home. Falguni goes to talk to him. Uttara says Falguni may not want to become a mum. Suyash says no, she would have told me, she loves kids, she also wants to have children. Uttara says maybe she is faking happiness. Suyash says we both love kids, I know Falguni, she doesn’t keep anything in heart. Falguni looks on and cries. Uttara thinks if Suyash takes Falguni for checkup, the secret will come out. Falguni thinks when he comes I can’t conceive, what will he go through, Suyash trusts me so much, how to tell him this truth.

Falguni says I will leave from Suyash’s life, he can remarry and become a father. Niyati says I will tell him the truth. Falguni stops her. She decides to go. Doctor meets her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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