Jiji Maa 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati takes a stand for Falguni

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The Episode starts with Falguni praying to Lord for success for her work. She resumes her tailoring and embroidery work. A lady comes to ask for change. Uttara scolds her. The lady goes. Uttara asks Shom what’s happening here. He says its great you are asking this to me, Falguni started earning, she will earn a lot. A lady comes and asks for Falguni. Uttara gets angry. Shom guides the lady to go to Falguni. Uttara says Falguni ruined our respect. Niyati hears her.

She goes to Falguni and asks her to get ready for high profile tea party. Falguni agrees. Kaka makes a request. He asks Falguni to make a frock for his daughter, he wants to gift it on her birthday. She says I will stitch it today, but my fees…. He asks how much. She says 10rs. He smiles and says sure, thanks. Jayant sees Falguni

and recalls his wife Gayatri. He asks her what is she stitching, its good you got busy, you have to attend party. She asks will you be there. He says no, there will be women like Uttara, I can’t bear them, I m going to club. He goes.

Niyati greets the guests. She goes to call Falguni. She asks her to get ready fast, it won’t look good if she does this. Falguni gets stunned. Uttara calls Niyati. Uttara talks to guests. Niyati joins them. The ladies praise Niyati’s beauty. Uttara says yes, look at her, she accepted Rawat’s customs and style, I m proud of her. Falguni comes and gives the frock to servant. He asks for her fees. He pays her 10rs. Uttara looks on.

Falguni greets guests. Uttara’s friends make fun of Falguni’s work. They ask Falguni to do their work as well. Falguni replies them well that they asked for discount. The lady taunts on Uttara’s business sense, to get free tailor as bahu. They all laugh. Falguni cries. She goes. Niyati stops her. She says my sister is an artist, she has magic in her hands, she earned and raised me, she worked hard to educate me, she asked money from servant so that he doesn’t get ashamed to make her work for free, she is great, she is the richest person in my eyes, Rawat family got a right bahu, my Jijimaa. Falguni cries.

The lady says you said right, your sister is rich in values and heart, she is great. She hugs Falguni. Uttara looks on. Everyone dines. Falguni gets food. Jayant praises her. Suyash says we will call workers. Uttara says we will order machines. Jayant asks them to talk about work in office. She asks Shom to see some files. Vidhaan asks Suyash to have parathas, its tasty. Suyash refuses. He eats milk and cornflakes. Falguni says I will also eat the same from same bowl. Suyash looks at her. Falguni and Suyash eat from same bowl. Uttara gets angry. Jayant says very good, this increases love, Uttara I was thinking we can’t eat in same place.

Niyati says we will have eat in same place. Suyash stops Falguni and says I m not a kid, I can manage myself. Uttara smiles. Suyash leaves for office. Uttara says misunderstandings ruin lives, its like a fire. Shom says we should blow it off. She says fool, we should add ghee in it, as this fire will be lit in Falguni and Suyash’s lives. He says you are great, I have tried to learn from you. She asks did you see my acting. He says yes. She asks him to do acting. He asks will you make me hero. She says no, I m going to remove Falguni’s pic from Suyash’s life forever.

Uttara asks Falguni why is she going to deliver things. Shom says sorry and flats the tyre. Falguni challenges Uttara for a war. She spoils her car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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