Jiji Maa 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara’s plan fails

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The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni preparing for puja. Everyone is happy. Uttara sees Vidhaan in the temple. She smiles. Falguni says baby is sleeping, he is fine. Uttara thinks baby will be gone soon. Goons enter the house. Uttara signs them to go upstairs. They go upstairs and pick the baby. Niyati goes out and does tulsi puja. Niyati sees a car parked outside and asks driver. He lies to her and goes. Goons hide from her. They see a truck and get inside. They leave. Falguni comes to room and doesn’t see baby. She gets shocked. She runs downstairs and says baby isn’t in his room. Everyone gets shocked. Falguni and Niyati cry. Falguni says don’t know who took my baby.

Suyash says Vidhaan and I will go out and see. Falguni asks Uttara to come with her. Uttara says puja is going

on. Falguni asks where is baby. Uttara says he is with you. Falguni says just tell me, where is my son. Uttara says I don’t know, you always blame me. She asks her to ask her Lord where is the baby. Goons see police and hide baby in flower baskets. They hide from police. Suyash says there were not many guests, how did baby go. Niyati says I met someone out who parked the car. Suyash and Vidhaan rush to find baby. The driver keeps the flower basket. Falguni cries and prays for baby. She prays that baby comes back. Uttara calls the goon. They don’t answer the call. Pandit asks them to complete puja.

Falguni says we need more flowers, I had sent the flowers to our place, we can get those flowers back. Suyash says police has sent the search team. Vidhaan asks Uttara what is she doing here, baby is missing. Uttara says I was calling commissioner. He taunts her and asks her to sit in puja. She calls goons. Goon says we had to hide the baby, police checking was going on, we had run away, we didn’t get the baby. She asks where did baby go. The baby comes back home, hidden inside the flower basket. Servant keeps the basket. They hear the baby crying. They get shocked seeing the baby in basket. Pandit says your son got blessing from Lord. Uttara calls goons and scolds them. She asks why isn’t this baby dying, is Lord saving him, this can’t happen….

Uttara thinks baby has a habit to take toy in his mouth, I have applied poison on toy. Vidhaan faints by the poison effect. Uttara gets shocked.

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