Jiji Maa 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara ruins Falguni’s efforts

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The Episode starts with Uttara talking to the textile shop owners about business. She praises Rawat industries and asks them to decide about their commission. Kaka stops and says I have made Falguni out of clothes market, but I feel bad and guilty. She says we do business here, take sleeping pills and sleep, I get good sleep since I taught that girl a lesson, it was your profit too, keep the money under pillow and sleep. He goes.

Falguni asks Suyash how will the participate happen. He tells her that the organizers will give her tailoring machine and items, also the model to wear saree and do cat walk. She asks what. He does and shows. She laughs. He says you are clever to make me do catwalk drama, laugh, tension gets less and work gets better. Falguni prays and says its about Niyati’s fees.

Niyati feeds her curd and sugar, as its her test today. Falguni says Suyash will be there, nothing to worry. Niyati jokes.

Suyash gets Falguni to the competition. The lady asks her to fill the form. The girls taunt her and go. Suyash gives a lecture to the girls. Falguni smiles. She says you proved you are also smart. He says I have to become smart to get friendly with smart people. She says our friendship is fixed now. They smile. He shows her the seat and wishes her all the best. He goes. Falguni starts making her design. Uttara gets welcomed by the organizers. Suyash sees Falguni and smiles. He sees Uttara and hides. Uttara sees Falguni and gets upset. Shom says Uttara will get angry now. Uttara says attending local functions is against my status, any poor person has become designer here. She tells organizer that she has done a good thing to give chance to poor people to show talent. She taunts Falguni.

Falguni thanks Priyanka for giving her chance. She says one who deserves the chance get it, a small diya lights in temple. Priyanka thanks Uttara for coming. She asks her to take rest till ramp walk starts. Uttara recalls Falguni and gets angry. Priyanka says competition started, judges and chief guest has come, they will be choosing winners. Priyanka assigns a model Natasha for Falguni. Natasha acts stupid and goes. Falguni says its fine, I need some time to make pallu. Uttara says whatever happens, make that girl out of the competition. Shom says that girl won’t win. Uttara says its a game of need, not chance. She explains him.

Uttara says Falguni can win by her need, but she won’t win, this work should be done. Shom says think its done, I will steal Falguni’s inch tape. He goes and steals the tape. Falguni looks for the tape and asks Natasha to wait. Uttara laughs. No one helps Falguni.

Falguni says my model has left. Priyanka says you can’t continue then, you can win next year. Falguni cries. Falguni comes on the ramp.

Update Credit to: Amena

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