Jiji Maa 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidhaan befriends Falguni

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The Episode starts with Suyash saying its been 13 days since you left and I still feel like you just left. Vidhaan says I spoke to pandit, he is coming, did you talk to Suyash. Suyash signs no. He sits to light incense sticks. Falguni looks on. Suyash sees her. He goes. She comes there and does the rituals similarly like him. Suyash looks on and smiles. She dances happily that she did the same. She sees him and asks him to go. He asks are you scared of my beard. She says yes, ghosts have beards. He asks are you scared of me, what if I remove my beard. He asks her does she know counting. He asks her to count till 20 and goes. She counts and waits for him. He comes back. She asks shall I open eyes now. He says yes. He asks her to see beard is gone. She says yes, you are not a ghost. Her hand gets burnt by

incense sticks. She says you are really a ghost. She runs. Uttara asks what happened, why did she run. Suyash says her hand burnt by incense stick. She says don’t know when will your relation get better. He says no, I think she identifies me. He goes. She says its wrong, you will break your own hopes, Falguni will do something in havan that you will slap her.

Niyati stays sad. He consoles her and says we have to handle ourselves and be strong. His kurta gets stuck in cupboard and gets torn. She starts laughing. He says I m glad to see you laughing, I can do anything for your smile. She says I know so I love you so much, once Falguni gets fine. He says she will get fine. She thinks to talk to Uttara and ask her not to do anything against Falguni. Uttara says I can’t believe Gayatri has left us. She rehearses the drama in front of the mirror and applies glycerin. Niyati comes and asks her not to trouble Falguni. Uttara says I m always thinking of troubling her, when we have a gathering on an occasion, there should be more drama. She goes. Niyati worries. Shom meets Vidhaan and says Uttara called me, I came today, how is everyone at home. Vidhaan says we are trying to live.

Falguni comes and asks Shom about the fruits. She asks for the apples. He asks her to go. She gets sad and says that fat uncle has scolded me. Vidhaan gives her chocolates. She calls him good. He says I m your friend. She says friends are not made like this. She asks him to thumb fight. He loses and says one last chance. Falguni says fine. She wins and laughs. Niyati looks on. Vidhaan asks how will we become friends now, I can’t lose. Falguni says we have become friends. He says my name is Vidhaan. Falguni says I will call you Vidhu. Niyati says Vidhaan made her friend, her mood is good, I will go and talk. Falguni scolds her and goes. Uttara comes to Falguni and asks her to do something special today. Falguni asks her to say what to do. Uttara sees Niyati at the door and shuts the door. Niyati cries.

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