Jiji Maa 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara proves Niyati mad

Jiji Maa 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Niyati attacking Vidhaan. Falguni hugs her and stops her from saying about her child. Niyati says I m not lying, Vidhaan will kill me. She shows Bela’s brother and asks Falguni to ask him. Jayant says he is a doctor, he has no sister. Niyati says he met me and said Vidhaan is a murderer. The man says she is imagining things, she is getting mad, she needs medical help, we should send her to hospital. Falguni shouts on him. He says I can prove this. Uttara says leave us alone, I m sorry. Guests leave. The man checks Niyati and asks if she was in stress, or any trauma.

Falguni recalls Niyati. The man says Niyati has lost her mental balance. They get shocked. Niyati says he is lying and gets angry on him. Nurses hold Niyati and take her. Niyati hugs Falguni and says I m

not mad. They cry. Niyati is taken to the hospital.

Suyash is at office and learns about cheater Sunder. Peon says Sunder was a peon, he has run away somewhere. Suyash shows Sunder’s pic. Peon says he is the one, I will not leave him, he has run away with my money, he used to talk as if he is owner of big company, he is a big fraud. Suyash says I will get him to you if I see him. Falguni and Zeenat go with Niyati. Niyati screams. Falguni cries and says I don’t know how to help her. Uttara says don’t worry, I will talk to doctor. She smiles seeing Niyati.

Doctor comes. Uttara asks how can you do this with Niyati. He says sorry, she can hurt herself or others, we have to keep her tied, we have to start treatment, Falguni has to sign papers. Uttara asks Falguni not to think much and sign the papers. Falguni signs the papers. She sees Niyati and cries. Uttara does drama. Zeenat asks Uttara to go, they are with her. Uttara refuses to go. Shom asks her to come. Uttara asks Falguni to take care. She goes with Shom. Niyati shouts Jiji maa.

Uttara reveals her plan to Niyati. He says I didn’t know you have done this, but how and when. She says I have started this game on tilak day. She sends kesar milk for Niyati. She then sends laddoo for Niyati, which makes her mentally weak. She gives money to the doctor and asks him to make Niyati mad. She says I have sent the doctor to Niyati’s house. Shom says you are great and wicked. Uttara says my plans got succeed, Falguni and Niyati’s happiness, peace and family ended, you think Vidhaan will accept Niyati, they won’t let the baby come in this world. Niyati sees the doctor smiling.

Falguni hears the nurses talking about Niyati. She asks Zeenat to save Niyati. Doctor gives shocks to Niyati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so foolish…how can they give shocks to a pregnant girl…Its really sad what all they show on Television now a days and then wonder why our kids are getting spoilt.

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