Jiji Maa 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash gets Falguni home

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The Episode starts with Shom asking Uttara if Suyash will go and pick Falguni. She asks him to wait. She calls Suyash and asks him to fill a tender. She says but you have to pick Falguni. He says no problem, I will go for work, Vidhaan will pick Falguni. Vidhaan comes to pick Niyati and Falguni. He jokes. Niyati asks about Suyash. He says Suyash had work, he couldn’t come. Shom comes to Uttara and says Teja had come, he is sarpanch, he doesn’t listen to anyone, Suyash called him for work. She says so what. He says Suyash is busy, Teja left, he is artist and bit mad, he said we don’t value time, so he doesn’t want work, he came back now and Suyash is still busy. She says I will meet him.

Vidhaan says we shall leave now. Falguni says I will come only when Suyash, its a marriage ritual. Uttara

sees Teja’s clothes and insults him. The manager says calm down, Teja is sarpanch of village. She scolds Teja. He argues with her and says we are proud of our talent. She asks him to get out.

Suyash works in office. Falguni waits for him. He thinks of her words. Dimpy asks him to go and pick Falguni. She says she loves my money, I won’t go, she won’t wait for me. Dimpy says its not true, you both love each other a lot. Falguni asks Vidhaan and Niyati to go, Suyash will come and pick her. They leave. She waits for Suyash. She does some work. Vidhaan calls her and says Suyash can’t come, shall I come to pick you. She says no, I have full faith that he will come. She makes a heart embroidery. It falls and rolls to Suyash. She smiles. Music plays…..

They leave. Suyash says Vidhaan called and troubled me, so I have come, why are you smiling. She says you were troubled that’s why. They reach home. Uttara gets shocked seeing Falguni coming. Falguni holds Suyash’s hand and goes. Its morning, Falguni cooks food. Maharaj asks them not to do work. Niyati asks him to explain Falguni. Maharaj says she liked to make food. Niyati calls her mad. Falguni says food made with love is good. She packs tiffin for Suyash and leaves a note. Niyati teases her.

Teja says I got insulted, I can’t work with Uttara. Shom praises Uttara. Teja doesn’t agree. Uttara asks Shom to give more money and convince him. Falguni and Niyati have a talk. Falguni does her embroidery. Driver gets tiffin back and gives her. She finds food as it is. She says maybe Suyash had food outside.

Uttara says Falguni made food for Suyash, he didn’t eat it, this isn’t good. Falguni says its our personal matter, don’t read my letter from next time, this tiffin will come empty from tomorrow, its my promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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