Jiji Maa 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suyash helps Phalguni

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The Episode starts with Shom getting trapped by his wife and daughter’s poor english. He runs. Heera and Panna trouble Suyash. Vidhaan asks them to solve the puzzle. They think of SRK’s movie Paheli. Vidhaan asks Suyash to give the puzzle and make them busy. Suyash tells the puzzle. Shom tells the problem to municipality officer. Uttara says plan won’t change, we will wait for some months, but we have to do something to get the result. Suyash says I will busy in evenings now, there won’t be any meeting. He asks receptionist about crossword puzzle. He solves the puzzle and asks her do you like solving puzzle, solve one for me. He tells the puzzle. She gets tensed. He says its okay, I will give file to mum. He gives file to Uttara. He hears Uttara talking. He says jalebi and smiles. He tells the

riddle answer and thanks Uttara. He says its jabeli and hugs her. He goes. He tells receptionist the answer jalebi and goes.

He dresses as driver and waits for Phalguni. Phalguni and Niyati talk on the way. Phalguni’s slipper breaks. Niyati asks her to buy a new one. Phalguni repairs it. Her slipper breaks again. She says I will get it stitched today. Suyash asks the shoe repairer to give his message to any girl asking about him. The lover says she promised and didn’t come. He sings kya hua tera vaada. He stops Suyash and shows Phalguni coming. Suyash gets glad seeing Phalguni.

Suyash shouts hi, jalebi…. Phalguni sees him and recalls the riddle. She greets him. She gives her slipper to shoe repairer. Shom and Uttara are on the way. She talks of Rawat hotel. He praises a building. He asks her to tie cloth to eyes, as he is seeing a lot these days.

Suyash says I found out its jalebi. Phalguni gets her slipper and says we will go. He says we will go to hotel, I mean I take boss there. Phalguni says you know its so costly, you are foolish, we will have lemon soda there. He agrees. He hides money in pocket. He orders lemon soda. Uttara asks Shom to sit silently till haveli comes. Shom asks shall I get kachoris. Uttara says no. She doesn’t see Suyash.

Phalguni asks Suyash how did he take costly phone. Suyash says boss gave this to me for free, he has big heart. Phalguni says no, he is clever to call you any time. Niyati says next time get phone for me. Suyash gives his phone. Phalguni says you are innocent. Niyati asks him to get work for Phalguni. She asks what does she do. Niyati says she is an artist, she makes good designs. She shows the pics in her phone. Suyash asks her to take part in saree design competition, she can give name, its last day today. Phalguni refuses. They challenge her. Suyash says winner will get 25000rs and scooty. Phalguni says fill the form. She smiles.

Jayant and Suyash see Vidhaan’s new cycle. Jayant says he won’t value this, its like a toy for him, he is not so young, will you come with me to golf club. Suyash says sorry, I have a meeting. Jayant says you used to come home, you have many meetings. Suyash says mummy has come. Jayant greets Uttara and asks about meeting. Suyash tells about Rawat textiles meeting. She asks him to learn from Suyash. Jayant taunts. Suyash asks him to enjoy life. He goes. Uttara argues with Jayant. She goes. Phalguni makes designs. She says big designers will be coming. Niyati says win and losing is not imp. She gets a message and says I will come in some time. She gets a call and goes. Phalguni says this time, win and losing matters, its about 25000rs to pay your course fees, its about your future.

Phalguni makes her design. Uttara comes in the event. Suyash sees Phalguni. He sees Uttara and hides. Uttara gets shocked seeing Phalguni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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