Jiji Maa 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash and Falguni confess love

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The Episode starts with Uttara meeting someone. Raju falls down when some boys tease him. The lady insults them for being poor. She asks them to wear skates and take a round of the ground if they can. Suyash says fine, I will go. Suyash gets the skates. Falguni asks do you know skates. He says yes, my uncle used to teach me, just see now. He gets up and falls down. She laughs. She says you should let it be. He says just see what I do, they will forget difference for rich and poor. She says no, rich people are bad. He says all rich people are not bad, Niyati’s Saas is bad, if you get some guy, who is good and rich… She asks how can this happen.

He asks will you…. She asks shall I marry him. He says I was asking just about friendship. She says I will wait to fall in love. He says

tell me in detail. She says I should see in his eyes, he should see in my eyes, just me and him, like no one exists in the world. Music plays…. He asks shall we go for challenge. He tries to balance.

Uttara sees the man and says you… He says yes, I m the family lawyer’s son Mahendra, you would have got my fees. She gives him the bag. He checks money and says you won’t get the will, else you won’t leave me alive, your father in law made Suyash the custodian of Rawat property, Suyash’s son will get all the property, but you have snatched everything, you will have to give me more money when I ask. He laughs. She thinks I will make you lose in your own game.

Suyash goes to skate. The lady says you have no status to compete with us, you will fall down and then know. Suyash smiles seeing Falguni. He skates and shows them. Falguni gets surprised. Everyone claps. Raju says you are a superman. The lady says we didn’t know he skates so well. Falguni smiles. The ladies apologize to Suyash. Suyash teaches skating to Raju.

Tara comes and asks did Raju trouble. Falguni says no. Tara asks shall we go home. Tara and Raju leave, Falguni says we will also go now. Suyash asks why, what’s the hurry, didn’t you see Raju was happy. She says yes, you were also happy flying in air. He asks do you want to fly too. She says I don’t know skates. He lifts her and skates. Zehnaseeb….plays…..they have an eyelock. He asks shall we leave now. She asks what’s the hurry, Niyati would have gone to her friend’s place, I get bored at home, what will I do after Niyati goes to her inlaws, she asked me to find a partner. He recalls his words. She tells his lines. She says I should also settle down, I think I got that partner. He asks who is your partner. She says you. He gets shocked and stumbles.

She says I think, no I m sure I m in love with you, I love you. They smile. She says I said something just now…. He says it means you love me. She says yes, I don’t know saying indirectly, I told you as I like you, you also answer me, if you have someone else in your heart. He says no, I loved you before itself, I wanted to tell you. She says I knew it, I was just asking. He says I can’t believe, so much happened so soon, I told you I love you in dreams many times, something is less. She asks what do you want to do, you want to shout and say, fine shout. He shouts I love you Falguni…. She smiles.

Falguni asks Suyash to hold her hands, she won’t feel bad. They say I love you to each other. Niyati says mum, ask Falguni to get married soon, I want to call Suyash as Jiju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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