Jiji Maa 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Phalguni helps Suyash’s driver

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The Episode starts with Phalguni and Niyati having a walk to their home. Suyash talks to driver. Driver says my mum needs blood. Suyash asks him not to worry and try to arrange blood. Suyash tells Uttara about the problem, when she says she can give her life and blood for her sons. Suyash asks will you give blood for me. She asks are you fine. He says yes, my driver’s mum needs blood. She asks do you want me to give my blood. He says yes. She says of course, I can do this. Shom calls it a miracle. Suyash says its urgent, come. She acts to get dizzy.

Jayant asks Vidhaan to sit. Uttara says I m fine, we will go, I m feeling weak, but …. Suyash says no, you can’t donate blood in this state. She says I will get fine, we will donate blood. He says I will arrange from someone else. She says

I will pray for her. Driver calls him and says blood is arranged. Suyash says I will come. He thanks Uttara for her prayers. He hugs her and goes. Jayant says see she got fine so soon. He asks her to have juice. She resumes breakfast.

Suyash comes to hospital. Driver says nurse arranged the blood. Nurse asks them to thank Phalguni who gave blood. Suyash sees Phalguni and smiles. He hides from her. Zeenat makes Phalguni have tea and biscuits. Phalguni says I m fine, giving blood makes one healthy. Zeenat says someone wants to meet you there. Phalguni sees Suyash.

Phalguni says he is Suresh driver, he is a nice guy. Zeenat says I also like him, its yes from my side. Suyash says world is small, you saved my friend’s mum’s life. She asks where is your uniform, you are becoming hero. He says I have holiday today. She says I have work. Driver thanks her. Phalguni says no need to say thanks. She asks why is Suyash here. Suyash says friendship, he is like a brother for me. She asks are you drivers of same company. Suyash says yes. Driver looks at him. Phalguni says glad to meet you.

Suyash says I can drop you. She asks did you have boss’ car. He says no, I got car to fill petrol. She says its wrong to waste petrol. He says I have to give you treat. She asks why, you have much money. He says no, I want to talk. She asks him to solve riddle and then come to meet. She tells the riddle. She goes.

Its morning, Suyash thinks of the riddle. Phalguni asks Niyati about her fav course. She reminds her mum’s words. She says we are not poor, our dreams are big, we will fulfill dreams soon, and then we will dance. Niyati smiles. They hug. Suyash thinks of the riddle. Uttara asks why do you look worried. He says I m trying to solve a riddle. She asks what is it. He asks them to help. He tells them the riddle. She says its meaningless. Vidhaan says it has no answer on net. Jayant says its not good, answer my riddle. They joke on his old riddles. Suyash thinks of solving the riddle.

Suyash meets Phalguni and Niyati. Uttara passes by in her car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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