Jiji Maa 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Phalguni finds new work

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The Episode starts with Shom praising Uttara for her revengeful side. She laughs telling her childhood story. Shom says my deeds are good that I got a chance to work under now. She gets a call. Phalguni comes to the shop and recalls Uttara’s words. She gives 1500rs to Kaka and scolds him for selling his rightfulness for 25000rs. He asks what are you saying. She says I know on whose saying you did this, I had relation of work with you, I came to say last thing, rich people have nature to cheat, its in our hands to get sold to them. She leaves.

Shom’s wife tells Heera Panna that she will not die before Shom’s death, he is useless, he didn’t find out what type of girls do Suyash and Vidhaan want, we have to find out about Vidhaan first. She checks his routine and asks them to join gym. Phalguni

gets money and says I need money, get me some job, I can’t take holiday. He tells her about a job in hotel, but its tough. She agrees to do work. He calls and says I m s ending a girl, she needs work.

Uttara praises her Rawat hotel. She gives the credit to Suyash. She asks him to inaugurate this hotel. Suyash says Uttara Devi is the owner of Rawat industries, how can I do this. She asks him to please cut the ribbon. He asks her to do this, else his heart will break. She smiles and says I will never his heart break. She cuts the ribbon and presents the dream project. Heera and Panna come to take health tips and join Vidhaan in the workout. Heera faints. Panna also finds hard to have the bitter gourd juice. They run away. He dances.

Suyash waits for Phalguni. He sees her and smiles. Shom follows Phalguni. Shom gets Uttara’s call and says I m after the girl. She asks him to meet in office. Suyash hides from him. Shom sees Suyash’s car. Phalguni comes home. Niyati says I was seeing courses brochures. Phalguni asks her to switch on lights and study. Niyati imitates her. Phalguni asks is she joking. Phalguni also teases her. She asks Niyati to decide the course, just select one which gives her happiness. Niyati sys I have no talent to take decision, none has talent like her, she is an artist, not anyone to do small work. Phalguni thinks of the cleaning work she does. Shom calls Suyash and complains about the driver taking his car. Suyash says I will manage, you can leave. Shom says madam called me office, I have to go. He goes.

Phalguni hears the people’s problem and suggests to make a committee. Its morning, Shom and Uttara come to office. She gets angry on him for fixing appointment without asking her. Shom gets worried. Phalguni and other people come to talk to her. Uttara gets shocked seeing her.

Phalguni sees Niyati and her friend coming. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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