Jiji Maa 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara traps Niyati in a water tank

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The Episode starts with Gayatri celebrating her birthday. Everyone feeds her the cake. Niyati and Vidhaan have a moment. Uttara says there isa big surprise for Gayatri. Vidhaan and Niyati start dancing on Gallan Goodiyan. Suyash, Falguni and everyone join them. Balwant aims at Falguni. Jayant and Uttara dance. Gayatri looks on. Uttara signs Balwant. Suyash gets Gayatri with them. They all dance. Balwant shoots at Falguni. The power goes. Niyati gets shot and falls down. Jayant asks them to check lights. Balwant drags Niyati. Falguni looks for Niyati when lights come. Uttara comes there. She says I thought you are brave and isn’t scared of anyone, but you got scared, how will you save your sister Lazer, I had a doubt and then I got the proof. She shows the video. Falguni cries.

Uttara says I

got a laugh seeing Lazer’s fresh dead body, you thought you fooled me, how do you do this. Falguni says don’t do anything to Niyati, don’t get her between. Uttara says she was always between us. Falguni asks what do you want now. Uttara says just your life, nothing much, Niyati is caught up in a water tank, go and save Niyati, you have 30mins to save her. Falguni begs to her. Uttara scolds her for blackmailing her and playing a game as Lazer. She says fine, I will tell you about Niyati, you can see Niyati live in this video, she is shouting for help, if you try to tell this to anyone, Niyati will die. Falguni gets shocked and runs. Uttara asks Falguni to come for a pic. Niyati gets sinking in water. Falguni and Suyash take pics. Uttara blocks her time. Falguni says we will take family pic when Niyati comes. They take more pics. Suyash stops Falguni and says one pic of both of us, our life is having a new start.

He smiles. Gayatri thinks why is Falguni looking so much worried. She goes after Falguni. Falguni looks for clues to find the place. She says aarti is happening there, it means Niyati is at the place. She prays that nothing happens to Niyati. She cries. Gayatri comes there searching for Falguni and prays for the children’s safety. She looks for Falguni. Falguni reaches the place and hears Niyati shouting. Balwant sees Falguni and calls Uttara. He says Falguni has reached here. She says wow, she is so smart, she doesn’t know she is falling in danger. He says she thinks she has come to save her sister, any command for me. She says your work is over, you can leave for there, I will manage everything now. Falguni gets shocked seeing Niyati. Uttara gets fun and smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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