Jiji Maa 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni tricks Uttara

Jiji Maa 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with IT officers coming home for raid. Mangla says I m Uttara and acts. Sanjay says you have to come with us, its a warrant against you. Uttara and Shom get shocked. Mangla says I m not Uttara, I was joking. Falguni says this isn’t Uttara, don’t you know her. Sanjay says Uttara didn’t file tax. Jayant says we always pay tax, how did this happen. Sanjay taunts them with an example. Mishra praises him. Sanjay says Uttara has to come with us. Vidhaan asks him to say how to settle the matter. Sanjay gets angry on him.

Jayant says Vidhaan wasn’t giving any bribe, our men are outside, Uttara can’t run. She says I can’t get in IT matter, its not a small matter, call Tyagi and try to know who did this raid. Shom comes and says Tyagi said he will tell till evening. She says

we don’t have much time. She says Falguni had file and pen with her, get the speaker. Falguni says I feel bad for Uttara, Shom told me IT is tough thing. Mangla says I will wear Uttara’s sarees once she goes. Falguni says I can see one way to get saved, Suyash and CA will come and show papers, if we make some puja excuse, no puja will end soon. Mangla asks do they beat while interrogating.

Falguni says maybe, but they don’t know how Uttara looks, they will take any woman whom we project as Uttara, this is the only way to save her. Uttara and Shom like the idea. Falguni says we can make you Uttara, but I told them you aren’t Uttara, we have to find someone else. Shom says Lord should have sent Mangla to jail. Falguni says someone who is of Uttara’s age, think. She sees Niyati and asks her to call Gayatri for help. Niyati goes. Mangla says I got an idea, we can make Gayatri as Uttara. Falguni says its nice idea, but don’t this advice to Uttara, you will get scolding, let her deal with this, I will spend time with Suyash if Uttara goes for few days.

Uttara says I won’t let this happen, Shom call Gayatri, I will make her Uttara, I will become maid. He calls her great. Falguni asks Gayatri not to refuse to Uttara if she calls her. Shom sends Gayatri to Uttara. Sanjay waits for Uttara. Falguni asks him not to overact. She recalls making Sanjay act as IT officer. She says I got this idea from Uttara, she said clean records are imp, acting should look real, remember this. Sanjay says we have to go to Uttara’s room, if she doesn’t come. Jayant says I will go and see.

Uttara taunts Gayatri and makes her dress like herself. Jayant comes and gets shocked. Uttara asks him to trust her, she is doing this for the family, she will be present there. Falguni asks Sanjay to let them do Gangaur puja. Jayant comes with Gayatri. Uttara dresses like maid. They all get shocked. Niyati asks what’s happening. Uttara says just think she is your mom, be quiet. Sanjay says we don’t interrupt in Dharmic things, you can do the puja. Jayant and Gayatri sit in puja. Sanjay gets a call. He drops the phone. The phone gets on speaker. Everyone hears about the play. Sanjay picks the phone and scolds the man for making such a fake call. Uttara goes and sees Sanjay’s ID. He asks her to clean the water. Shom says I will call servant. Sanjay says she will go, its fine. Uttara asks Shom to find out about officer. She cleans the floor.

Suyash scolds Falguni. She cries. Suyash says no one can take my mom’s place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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