Jiji Maa 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara sends Shom to ruin Falguni’s puja

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The Episode starts with Uttara and Falguni arguing over their puja and devotion. Falguni says I just have to pray for my sister. Uttara says Lord has given you problems, sorrow and bad fate. Falguni says Lord gives strength to tolerate it, I will pray for you too, maybe you need strength more than me. Uttara looks at her angrily. Dhurandar asks Jayant, Vidhaan and Suyash to make garlands by the flowers. He goes. Jayant says this man is a fool, go and talk to Uttara. Suyash doesn’t agree. He asks them to make garlands. He says we crack crores deal in office, what’s this thing. He tries to thread the needle. Jayant and Vidhaan joke. They also fail to do this. Jayant laughs on Vidhaan. Suyash says I will just come, I will be back. He calls Falguni.

He says I got stuck in big problem, just you

can help me, answer my question, how to thread a needle. She laughs and asks him to thread the needle. He says I m not able to do this. She tells him about Arjun focussing on fish’s eye in Mahabharat, just thread the needle. She jokes and ends call. He smiles. He tries and threads the needle. He sees Falguni. She ties the thread around him. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…..plays…. They have a cute moment. She makes the garland and hands it over to him. His dream ends. He smiles. He says I did it and dances. Jayant says why is he so happy by threading a needle. Dhurandar asks Shom’s wife to go ahead in temple. Uttara tells Shom that Falguni came in morning to do Pariknama, and she has come after us even now, she is doing black magic, go and find out what puja is she doing. Shom goes.

Falguni prays for Niyati. She sets the diyas. Shom’s wife makes fun of her seeing five diyas. Falguni says I came here for my sister, not for husband. Shom hears them. Dhurandar tells Uttara about the ritual, whoever does this gets blessing from Shiv ji. Uttara says I told you she is doing black magic on us, I will not let her puja complete, her diyas won’t light, I will blow off the diyas, there won’t be any puja and puja’s fruit, how did she think she can get Niyati related to my Vidhaan. Shom talks to an old man and tells his problems. He tells how Uttara makes him obey her, but he agrees for everything as its his job. The man gives him a banana. Shom says I will ruin Falguni’s puja by this banana. He eats the banana. He goes to Falguni and throws the peel in her way. Panna comes to him. He asks why are you scaring me. She says mummy is calling you. He says tell her I m doing Uttara’s duty. Falguni walks ahead. He waits for her fall. She doesn’t step on the peel. He worries. Falguni adds ghee in the diyas. She sees Uttara’s saree catching fire. She runs and pulls Uttara away. Uttara gets shocked.

Uttara slaps Falguni and asks how dare you push me, I would like to burn, but I can’t tolerate your touch. Suyash looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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