Jiji Maa 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara interrupts Falguni’s Pariknama

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The Episode starts with a lady coming home. She gives a Bal gopal idol to Falguni. She says I know you are a mum since childhood and now a baby is coming home. She asks him to do a pariknama, keep belief, you will get the wishful result. Falguni thinks who is she, did Lord send her to help me. Falguni goes to the temple and does the Pariknama by rolling on the ground. Uttara and Shom come there. She asks him to arrange some women for her rituals. She sees Falguni there. She pities her. Shom sees someone else. Uttara asks him to see Falguni.

He says she is our Falguni. She says our Falguni, like you adopted her. She tells about the Pariknama Falguni is doing. She taunts Falguni and says see how she is looking, like a baby snake. He jokes on her. He says we will see how her puja gets complete. He says its sin to spoil anyone’s puja. She asks him to just come and see the drama. She gets in front of Falguni and says its good your head should be in my feet. Falguni says its tough to know what you want. Falguni says you don’t try to know this, it happens what I want.

Pandit says you don’t have to stop Falguni. Falguni says I will complete it. Uttara blocks her way and says I will force you to come in my feet. She tells what Falguni did wrong. She asks how many times will you touch my feet now. Tantric asks her to come, he will explain her the rituals. Uttara goes. Falguni gets the clear way. She completes the Pariknama and prays for Niyati.

Vidhaan calls Niyati. She doesn’t answer. He recalls the breakup. Suyash comes to him and asks him to share his problems. Vidhaan recalls Uttara’s words. He says let me handle this, I have grown up now. Suyash says of course, and hugs him. Falguni makes prayers at temple. Uttara’s family arrives. Tantric asks Jayant to do big charity for family peace. Jayant asks him to keep saying and they will do it, else Uttara will get angry. Suyash doesn’t see Falguni. She prays to Lord. Uttara and Shom arrive. She asks about arrangements. The women come. She asks them to keep diya lighting. Shom asks them to follow Uttara. Uttara comes there and sees Falguni.

Falguni does a ritual to get blessing. Uttara says your diya won’t light, I will ruin your puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

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