Jiji Maa 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash helps Falguni

Jiji Maa 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash coming to meet Falguni. He introduces his friend Dimpy. Dimpy tries to act poor and does mistakes. Suyash stops her and covers up. Sunder is at tea stall. He sees the time and breaks his shirt button. Tea vendor asks him why is he breaking the button. Sunder asks him to mind his own business. Niyati goes to meet Zeenat. Dimpy tells Falguni about her husband. She says life partner makes life better. Sunder comes and jokes with Falguni. He asks how is my new shirt. She says its good.

Sunder asks Suyash how is he. Suyash says I m fine, what about you. He introduces his friend Dimpy. Sunder asks Falguni to stitch the shirt button. She agrees and stitches the button. He gets glad. Sunder looks on.

Dimpy starts coughing. Suyash gives her water. Falguni answers Uttara’s

call. Uttara says I told Sattu baba that you are unmarried, I don’t do anything without asking him. Sunder says I m a consultant. Suyash jokes on him and smiles.

Sunder boasts of himself and says Rawats also consult me. Dimpy laughs and says you would be knowing Suyash. Sunder says yes, he is dear to me, don’t tell anyone, Suyash is a donkey, he doesn’t know anything, he calls me to ask about deals, I get irritated. Dimpy gets angry. Suyash gives her water.

Uttara says Sattu baba has said this, I don’t want to burden you. She asks Falguni to arrange special soil. Falguni comes to Suyash and says I want a special soil, touched by seven birds and animals, who are Devtas’ vahan, Devtas will get pleased and calm the grahs. Falguni gets worried. Suyash says I will help, I m your friend, you finish your order. Sunder stops him and says I will get it. Sunder tries hard. Suyash starts collecting the soil, while Sunder visits animal shades. Dimpy lies to Niyati that she is poor. Shom says you have asked Falguni to get the soil, what if she gets soil from her area. Uttara says no, I know her, she is determined, she can do anything for her sister’s happiness. Sunder gets scared and climbs a tree.

Dimpy gets angry on Sunder. Suyash comes home. He stops Dimpy. She says Falguni and Niyatiu aren’t at home. He reminds they are poor. Sunder comes home and falls. Dimpy laughs and says Suyash got the soil. Sunder says its fake right. Suyash says I went to zoo. Sunder says I had gone to jungle. Falguni comes home. Sunder takes the pot and says I got the soil. Dimpy gets angry.

Sunder says Suyash has helped me, I have sent him after small animals. Falguni thanks Sunder and holds his hand. He smiles. Uttara says I don’t think Falguni can get the special soil, Shom ask Sattu baba to cancel the havan. Vidhaan says they have come. Falguni and Niyati come. Shom says they have come with the soil.

Sattu baba asks Falguni to put nine idols inside the water. Uttara looks on. Falguni’s hands burn.

Update Credit to: Amena

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