Jiji Maa 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali buys Rawat Mansion

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The Episode starts with Falguni walking on road and thinking of Piyali. She cries. Niyati worries at home. Vidhaan gets tensed. He says Suyash is trying hard to save this house, I m not able to do anything, our house will get auctioned, Suyash will deal with Piyali, I didn’t learn any work. Suyash comes and says don’t blame yourself, even I couldn’t do anything, there is no way to stop Piyali. Niyati thinks there is a way if Piyali tells truth to Falguni. Falguni stops Zeenat and says you know Piyali, tell me, is she my sister. Zeenat says yes, she is your sister. Falguni gets shocked. Zeenat takes her home. She tells everything about past. She says I went to Piyali to know the truth first, so I didn’t tell you. Falguni cries. Niyati calls Falguni and says house is getting auctioned, do you

know why is Piyali becoming our enemy.

Falguni says how to tell you that she is our sister. The bank officials come and ask them to vacate the house. They get shocked. The man asks Jayant to cooperate with them. Falguni comes home to stop them. The man asks them to get aside, the auction will begin. Jayant says everything got over, they are not giving us time. She requests them. Piyali calls her and taunts saying her same lines. Falguni gets shocked and looks around. Piyali says my eyes are on you. Falguni sees Piyali’s aide. Falguni cries and goes out. Niyati goes after her and asks what happened. She curses Piyali. Falguni stops her and says family isn’t cursed. Niyati asks what do you mean. Suyash says I didn’t think I will see the house auction, its happening because of me. Falguni thinks how shall I tell you about Piyali. The auction goes on. Piyali comes and bids the highest amount to buy the house. Falguni looks on. Piyali buys the house for 75 crores.

The bank officers and people leave. Suyash goes to scold Piyali. She asks are you angry as a woman defeated you. She asks Jayant to come and sit. She says everyone is misunderstanding me, I have bought this house for you all, not myself. She says I have named this house to you. They all get shocked. Suyash asks but why. She says I know the value of a house, right Falguni, am I saying right. Falguni cries. Niyati asks why are you asking this to you. Piyali thinks tell them the truth, I will see Niyati respects you. Suyash asks Falguni what’s the matter.

Piyali says Falguni is my real sister. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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