Jiji Maa 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni saves Piyali

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The Episode starts with Falguni arguing with Uttara. She asks about Piyali. Uttara praises her for the smartness. Falguni says it means you know that she realized her mistake, so you have…. where is my sister, what did you do with her. Uttara says what’s the hurry, I will tell you, did Niyati not inform you. Niyati and Vidhaan try to find Piyali. Suyash looks on and asks them about Piyali. Niyati says she isn’t at home. Suyash asks where is Karma. Vidhaan says even he is gone. Suyash says maybe they went away. Niyati says Falguni is worried, I don’t find this right. Suyash says fine, I will find out about Karma. Uttara says I know where is Piyali, I will tell you later. Falguni shouts where is she, if anything happens to her… Uttara says poison would start affecting her now. Piyali

coughs by the smoke. Uttara says Piyali will be dying and going to Lord.

Falguni turns angry and lifts a trishul. She asks where is my sister, its Diwali today, Raavan had kidnapped Sita, who was Ram’s life, tell me where is my sister, I love her, I will kill you. Uttara moves back. Falguni says its tough for me to bring your truth, today I will kill you. Uttara gets shocked. Piyali struggles for her life. Falguni reaches the locked room. She breaks he door and gets in. She frees Piyali and asks her not to worry.

She takes Piyali out. She comes to everyone and says Piyali fell in storeroom, there was dangerous smoke there. Uttara makes an excuse. Falguni stares at her and thinks if I tell truth, she will start a new drama again, I have to make my sister fine first. She asks Suyash to take Piyali to room. Uttara says I don’t need Piyali, my second plan is ready, Falguni is still behind. Doctor treats Piyali. Falguni cries and says hatred got Piyali to this point, I will not hurt her now, I can’t see her in this state, I felt I have lost her. Niyati cries. Falguni goes and prays for her sister. Uttara asks why didn’t you think for me, that I m Vidhaan’s mum after all, you wanted to kill me.

Falguni says I wasn’t killing you, I did drama to know about Piyali. Uttara says it means you had pity on me that you didn’t expose me. Falguni says I know you will lie again. Suyash asks Falguni do you want to forgive Piyali again. Falguni says I left everything on Lord, I m tired of fighting with her, I want to reform her, I don’t want to make her a devil, I want her to understand what’s right for her and what’s wrong. He asks why did Lord make you so good. She says so that you unconditionally love me. He says I love you and will always love you. Karma comes home drunk. Uttara stops him. He says Piyali told me truth, that she just loves me, not Suyash. She says I think she has blinded you by love. She asks him to come along and see something. He says my marriage with Falguni is fake. She shows him the video clip. She asks what’s Piyali doing with Suyash if their marriage is meaningless. He gets shocked. She says your Piyali lied to you. He screams and cries in anger.

Piyali unites Suyash and Falguni. Karma says I m not ready to end my marriage with Falguni. Uttara smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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