Jiji Maa 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vidhaan and Niyati break up

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The Episode starts with Uttara doing drama and telling Vidhaan about Niyati. He asks her how did she save Niyati’s life, what happened. Shom says she was in lockup for drugs case. Uttara says I went there for document verification and saw her, I was much hurt. She cries. Vidhaan says Niyati doesn’t even drink tea, she can’t do this. She says I know, she looked so innocent, I knew she can never do this, anyone else in her house can do this, maybe Falguni had the drugs and police arrested Niyati by mistake. Vidhaan says Falguni is her elder sister, why will she do this. Uttara says you are innocent, poverty makes person do anything, helpless girls sell themselves then drugs is little thing, who will tell this to Niyati. Vidhaan says I will tell her. He goes. Shom praises her acting skills.


comes to meet Niyati. They hug. He says so sorry, I couldn’t help. She says your mum saved me, sorry I wanted to tell you. He says mum has told me. She says she is very nice. He says she likes you a lot. She says I don’t know what happened and how. He says you got cheated, you were framed in this drug case. She asks why will anyone frame me. He says you are marrying me, you are going to become bahu of Rawat family. She says just we know this. He says Falguni framed you. She scolds him. Falguni comes and looks on. He says I m trying to help you, she is trying to fill poison in your life. She asks him to stop it. She says I don’t want to spend life with you, I will not marry you if I have to get away from Falguni, get out of my life. Vidhaan says I won’t come again. Falguni asks him to listen once. She doesn’t say Uttara’s name and says Niyati needs you. He says explain her, not me, you have made her just worship you, my mum can’t let me marry in a family where there are criminals like you.

Suyash talks to driver. Vidhaan comes. Suyash asks what happened. Vidhaan acts rude. Suyash says your friend has come. Vidhaan says I have no interest, we will talk later. He goes. Shom tells Uttara about Vidhaan. She says Suyash is coming. Suyash says sorry to bother, I have to talk about Vidhaan. She asks what. He says he is behaving strange, his friend said he is in love with some girl, did he tell you. She says yes, he told me about many girls. He says no, his friend there is any serious relationship. She laughs.

He says he just avoided me, I m really worried about him. He asks Shom about Vidhaan. Shom says I know he is annoyed about the case. Suyash asks what. Uttara lies. She praises him. She asks him not to worry for Vidhaan. Suyash goes. Uttara asks what was the need to tell Suyash. Shom says I said by mistake. She says you will wear clothes which you get for puja. He says but I got these. She ruins the clothes. Niyati burns Vidhaan’s memories. Falguni cries seeing her crying. She prays for Niyati and Vidhaan.

Falguni does a tough pariknama. Uttara taunts her. Falguni gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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