Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti and Sweety get engaged

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Anita is waiting for Vibhuti as it’s too late. Vibhuti comes in saying life sucks and Anita asks him where was he y is he so late and Vibhuti replies why do you care I m sold now and so I was with her
Anita says that this is not the reality he belongs to her and she will rebut him even if price is 2 crores while Vibhuti argues that once sold you can’t rebuy until the owner wants to sell it Anita says she will snatch him from her Vibhuti says that after buying if it requires a repair than Anita says she will take him to America for repair Vibhuti refuses to listen to her and goes to sleep

Tiwari is talking to Singhania on phone confirming the payment to be done for Vibhuti sale and hungs up. Anguri comes in tensed saying that she is not in favour of Vibhuti being

sold Tiwari says that there is nothing wrong with it its vibhutis faith and Anguri agrees to it. Tiwari demands to have some romance with her but then hears Vibhuti sad and singing sad song.
Tikka malkhan and Tilu kidnap commissioner and bring to godown. When they open the sack they found that it is Happu Singh, Happu Singh scolds tikka malkhan and Tilu for kidnapping him and not the commissioner . Tikka says to malkhan that just check the sack once if commissioner is inside.

At vibhutis house Tiwari is having a drink with prem, prem asks Tiwari to make a deal of him too. Tiwari says that no one will purchase him for even 20,000 rs. Anguri comes in saying that she is not having a good feeling about all this. Vibhutis uncle comes to visit him seeing the house decorated asks what is the occasion and Anguri tells that this is all for vibhutis engagement uncle gets shock by listening to this
Comes down Vibhuti and Anita, where Anita asks Vibhuti too keep smiling as this engagement needs to go well. Uncle gets angry on Vibhuti saying there is a function at home and you did not invite your elders this is wrong and Tore the contract papers and says that will not come here again but by seeing drinks picks up a glass and sits for drinking with prem.
Singhania comes with his sister and introduces her as Sweety Singhania. Tiwari requests to now exchange the rings Vibhuti and sweet exchange rings while everyone claps and celeberate. Sweety then dances with Vibhuti seeing this Anita feels jealous and then asks Vibhuti dance with him but he Denise saying that he is sold to now and cant listen to her.
Happu Singh calls tikka and informs him to knidnap commissioner as this time he is on a secret mission where he will be wearing a burkha and make sure this time you kidnap the correct person other wise he will get very on all 3. Commissioner comes to Happu Singh and informs that there is a change in mission and now he will wear a burkha and go on mission. Happu Singh tells him that it will be better if he wears the burkha but commissioner denies and asks him to wear as he will be wearing a helmet

Anita is worried and sitting in veranda thinking about Vibhuti Anguri sees her and comes to ask if she is ok. Anita says that she is fine was just sitting outside while Anguri says that she just came to check if the door is locked as animals enter garden and destroys plants Anguri is trying to tell Anita about vibhuti being sold is wrong but Anita changes the topic and says that this year the winter is late and last winter you made some delicious halwa but guess this time you won’t make it to this Anguri replies that she will make it when she will receive carrots sent fresh from farm by amaji and then asks Anita doesn’t she feel insecure about Vibhuti being with Sweety and Anita again changes the topic asking where is Tiwari Anguri replies he is sleeping as he is very happy with this deal but in case if a I was in your place I would have never sold my husband for money and leaves.

Precap: tikka malkhan and Tilu kidnap person in burkha standing with commissioner. Tiwari tells Singhania that the deal is cancelled as he has got a big order somewhere else and will return his money. Singhania says to Tiwari there is no need to return money as now his sister is in love with him (Tiwari) now .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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