hello guys!!! this is sobia back with the final part of my ts….thank you all so much!!! let us start and all my na jaana dil se door readers it is december which means i will start posting my fan fiction so i hope you all remember me and my story now let us start and i am so sorry once again for this being updated late

recap: raglak have a fun night….we find out raglak were together the whole time…they find a recorder in the doll and think maybe something was in the recorder so they head home to check it out…

2 months later….
mansi shouts abhimanyu! abhimanyu where are you? he comes and says what? what now? she says don’t you know mishka’s school is about to end then why are you still here? go and pick her up….he replies i know i was going just now to get her…she says whatever and leaves….laksh also leaves to pick mishka up from school…he gets there and waves to mishka….she smiles and says papa….she runs to him and gives him a tight hug…abhimanyu aka laksh says beta how was your day? she says very good papa….he smiles and takes her home….

on his way back mishka says papa wait….he says what’s wrong dear? she says papa i want ice cream…he smiles and says okay let’s go….they go to the stall when laksh sees someone…he gets a huge smile on his face….he says mishka wait here i’ll be back…she nods and laksh leaves…he goes towards that person…he says ragini…she hears his voice and is really happy…she turns around with a huge smile and says laksh? he says what are you doing here? she says i wanted some gol gappes so i thought to stop and eat….he says wow ragini since when did you start liking gol gappes? she thinks something and then smiles and says i don’t know either…both laugh

suddenly mishka comes running to raglak and says ragini aunty? hey how are you? she smiles and says i’m good mishka beta…laksh says okay we have to go now…mishka nods and they leave…laksh walks with mishka and then turns and winks at ragini…she blushes and leaves from there….after sometime laksh brings mishka home….he asks her to go freshen up he will come…she nods and he leaves…as soon as mishka goes into the bathroom laksh comes back in and searches for something…he looks serious and says where is it? why can’t i find it? it’s been 2 months and i still haven’t found it? he looks under mishka’s bed, her closet everywhere but he doesn’t find it….

he angrily shuts the closet and thinks last evidence….i just needed that doll…but how can it just disappear? i asked mishka about it 2 months ago but she also doesn’t know….he sees mishka coming and composes himself…he smiles and says ready? she nods….laksh says okay mishka beta i wanted to ask you something…she says yes papa? he makes her sit and says dear you remember that doll i gave you? she nods…he asks her do you know where it is? i asked you earlier too but you said you don’t know….she says no papa last time i saw it was on my bed and when i came home from school it was gone…

he says beta can you try remembering if you know anywhere else it was? she says no papa and she leaves….he makes a fist and thinks 2 months…i would’ve exposed mansi and nikhil and been with my ragini but just because of the doll i can’t prove anything….the picture of fake abhimanyu isn’t even believable….he angrily leaves….other side a person is seen holding the same doll….the person thinks no laksh i will make sure this doll doesn’t get to you….i need my property first and then i need to put you in jail…the person puts the doll in a closet under a lot of clothes…the person leaves but the person’s watch falls….the person doesn’t realize and the person leaves….

laksh goes to ragini’s room through the pipes…he sees her working on the laptop…he comes and whispers ragini….she looks and sees laksh…she is shocked….she says laksh? she goes near the window and helps him up…he comes and angrily sits on the bed…she rushes to lock her door…she says laksh? you’re here? at this time? what will mansi think? he says ragini i don’t care about that anymore….she says what do you mean? laksh says ragini it’s been 2 months and we still haven’t found the doll….that was the biggest evidence we had…

we would have been together ragini today if we had that doll with us…she cups his face and says laksh listen to me…we will find the doll don’t worry….laksh angrily gets up and says till when? i don’t want to stay with mansi anymore i want to stay with you…i want to start a new life with you….he cries and ragini hugs him….she tries consoling him….he sobs and says it’s been 8 months now….we have been secretly meeting and trying to expose nikhil and mansi….but it looks like fate just doesn’t want us to be together…

ragini says no laksh don’t think like that….if fate didn’t want us to be together then i wouldn’t be pre…and then she stops….she thinks no i will not tell laksh now or he will forget about mansi and nikhil and come to me and we can’t leave mishka alone either…she takes a deep breath and then says laksh we are close….i’m sure we will find the doll…and just think laksh if mishka has lost the doll then she lost it at home which means the doll must be somewhere at home….

he stops crying and looks at her….he says ragini i looked everywhere….every corner of the house but i didn’t find the doll…she thinks and asks everywhere? are you sure laksh? he says yes ragini i looked everyw…but then stops….she says what happened? why did you stop? he says ragini i looked everywhere but mansi’s closet….she says mansi’s closet? he says yeah she keeps her things in her closet and told me to keep my clothes and my things separate….ragini says laksh i have a feeling the doll is in her closet….go home and check….he says you’re right….

i’ll go and check….both smile and he kisses ragini on her cheek and leaves….she smiles and thinks very soon i will give you such a news laksh that you will be jumping in happiness….she smiles….laksh reaches home and sees mishka….he comes to her and asks her where mansi is? she says maa just left to meet someone…he thinks nikhil and says okay beta thanks….he goes in his room and opens mansi’s closet….he looks everywhere for it but doesn’t find it…he angrily slams the closet and is about to leave when he spots something golden…he turns and pulls it out…it turns out to be the doll’s dress….he takes out the clothes over it and finds the doll….he is jumping in happiness from the inside….

he quickly sets the clothes back and rushes out….he says beta i have a meeting…tell mamma i will be late….she nods and he leaves….he rushes back to ragini’s home….she laughs and says laksh? you again came? he says ragini guess what? she says what? he says i found the doll!!!! she says what?? let me see…he shows her and both are happy…she takes the doll and says finally…..he says ragini hurry and take out the recorder….she nods….she opens the doll’s shirt and puts her hand in to take the recorder but she is shocked….laksh says ragini did you take it out…she says laksh i can’t find the recorder…he says what? he takes the doll and is shocked….

ragini says i’m sure mansi took the recorder out….he gets so mad and throws the doll on the floor…it breaks….he sits down angrily and says ragini this is it….i am telling mansi it’s over and telling mishka the whole truth…she says no laksh how can we break mishka’s heart? no laksh we will not….he shouts then what will we do ragini!! 8 months…8 months i have been living away from you….i can’t do this anymore….she says lak….but stops….she looks at the doll and slowly picks it up…she turns it over and says recorder? he is shocked….he says what? he sees and both are super happy…ragini takes it out and plays it….the recorder starts…..

nikhil’s voice: mansi baby come na we will enjoy today….mansi’s voice: nikhil what’s the hurry….we will but first let’s get the property…..raglak see each other shocked….nikhil’s voice: baby we will get laksh’s property soon but let’s have some husband-wife moments….she laughs and says okay hubby….the recorder cuts…after a few seconds….nikhil: mansi why are you going close to that laksh? you remember the plan na? mansi: of course nikhil and this is why i am always near laksh….so i can trap him and then get him to sign on the papers…nikhil says hurry up or the property will go out of our hands….

mansi says i know i know i am trying…but what about mishka? what do we do to her? nikhil says what about her? she isn’t our daughter…raglak are shocked….mansi says i agree but what will we do after we get laksh’s signs on the property papers? nikhil says simple we will call police and tell them laksh kidnapped mishka and kept her captivated and blackmailed you to help or he will kill her….then if mishka tries saying anything we will prove that she is mad and speaks whatever she watches….

mansi says hmm nice plan! i just want property and mishka out our lives…he smiles and recorder stops….raglak are shocked….ragini says laksh it means mishka isn’t mansi’s daughter? they were using that little girl? he says i wonder how mansi and nikhil are made. do they have a heart or not? ragini says laksh this is great proof now we can get our plan into action…he agrees and both leave….they sit in the car and are outside the market…ragini and laksh see each other and he gives a thumbs up….ragini calls mansi and speaks in another voice….mansi says hello? ragini in another voice says “hello this is a villager and i was passing by and the owner of this phone is laying in a pool of blood….are you his wife? she says yes i am his wife…..ragini says then come to this place and save your husband….ragini hangs up ad raglak hi-fi….

mansi thinks oh no! if laksh dies then how will i get his signs…she calls nikhil and he says i’ll come too….they leave and ragini is getting laksh ready in a state where it seems like he met with an accident…he holds her waist and pulls her closer and says now do it…she smiles and says tum bhi na….she puts fake blood on him and some fake injuries…he says ragini call the police now and ask them to come but hide behind the trees…she does it and police force comes…ragini sees lights and says laksh they’re here….he smiles and lays down…

she quickly pours red stuff around him and is seeing the light coming…she accidently puts it on his face and funny tune plays….laksh says ragini! what are you doing…my face isn’t bleeding it’s my head…she says i know and i’m putting it around you and while saying that she is facing the car coming nearer…he shouts ragini! look down…she sees and says oh no i’m so sorry laksh and his face was all red….she quickly runs out of the scene and laksh acts being dead….

mansi comes near laksh and nikhil is there too….he is shocked…mansi tells nikhil now what? our property is gone too…he says relax we will save him….she says now go start the car….he nods and goes…she asks did it start? he says it’s not starting…she says what? how? he says let me check…he opens the car and finds the water from the car gone…he tells her and she says idiot why don’t you bring an extra water….he says sorry…suddenly nikhil sees police force coming…he gestures mansi and she starts acting….

she takes laksh in his lap and cries….she says abhimanyu what happened? wake up? police comes and asks mansi…she says sir my husband met with an accident and my car isn’t working…she acts and fake hugs abhimanyu…ragini sees this and gets jealous….she says to herself mansi how dare you touch my laksh? she angrily sees her….after some time laksh still hasn’t woken up….ragini thinks why is this laksh not waking up? even police is here….she thinks did laksh change his mind? does he like mansi now? she gets so jealous…she’s about to go when laksh wakes up….mansi and nikhil are shocked….ragini smiles…mansi says you’re alive? he says alive? i was never dead? both are shocked…and ragini comes out…she says hi mansi…hi nikhil….both are shocked…they say ragini? she says yes ragini…ragini laksh maheswari….

laksh says inspector please arrest them….mansi shouts for what? laksh says for blackmailing me and keeping an small girl with you who isn’t even your daughter….mansi and nikhil are shocked…she says how do you know…laksh smiles and says listen….he plays the recorder and everything plays….both are shocked….inspector arrests mansi and nikhil….nikhil says we won’t leave you laksh maheswari….he says we’ll see…inspector takes mansi and nikhil….raglak see each other and then hug….she says i love you laksh….he says me too….you know ragini i am so happy we are finally back after 8 months…i really missed you…he sees ragini not responding…he thinks what happened why is ragini not responding? he breaks the hug and finds ragini unconscious…he gets shocked and says ragini what happened to you? he carries her in his arms and takes her in his car and drives to the hospital…..

they get to the hospital…after sometime doctor comes out…laksh worriedly says doctor what’s wrong with ragini? she smiles and says go inside…ragini will tell you…he is confused…doctor leaves….laksh slowly enters the ward….he sees ragini sitting smiling….he says ragini what happened? i asked the doctor but she said nothing…ragini says shhhh…laksh listen to me….he is scared….ragini asks laksh to come closer….he does…she says more…he comes more…she says a little more…he comes so close that their faces are really close…ragini bends a little and says mr. laksh maheswari you are going to be a papa!!! he at first is confused then in shock….he shouts what!!!! are you serious? she nods happily….he is so happy that he doesn’t know it’s a hospital and takes ragini off the bed and carries her in bridal style and spins her….

he says thank you thank you thank you ragini for giving me such a good happiness…she says thanks to you laksh or how would it have happened? he smiles and she says now put me down laksh this is a hospital…he says oh right sorry….he makes her lay on the bed and kisses her forehead….they both look at each other and he rests his hand on her belly feeling the baby….he bends and puts his ear on ragini’s belly trying to listen….she smiles and then they hug and screen freezes on raglak’s happy faces

so guys this was the end of raglak’s story…..please tell me how much you liked it….i feel very happy with all of your comments>>>it makes my day!!! by the way na jaana dil se door will be posted very soon so those readers do wait for your sobia!!!!!

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  1. Raglakholic

    It’s outstanding ending
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  5. Awesome ending dear and loved it a lot. It’s totally fantastic. Please write more Raglak stories. Love U dear and take care

    1. Sobiajaved89

      Thank you!! Yeah I will come with more:)

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    it was sooo amazing yaar loved it a lot

  7. awesome….but y u ended so soon i wanted more dear

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      Aww thanks dear but this was a three shot so I made only 3 parts to it but I’ll be back soon:)

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    Super amazing awesome
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    amazing dear…i loved it….tkcr dear…

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    Awwww!!!!!wt an amaznggggg endngggg dr…loved it soooooo much….so so soooo fantasticcccccc update dr…thnx a lot for dis yaaaaar…love u sooo much 😉 …keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety… 😉 😉 😉

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    Fab loved it and cm back with another xx

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