Ragini is seen crying terribly and says how can laksh do this with me…suddenly she feels an arm on her shoulder….she turns to see and says tum? She is teary eyed and emotional….she quickly hugs the person and cries hard….she says I don’t like doing this…for how long will we continue doing this? I really miss you….the person encircles his arms around her waist and pulls her closer….he says me too ragini…she hugs him tighter and says laksh please finish this drama soon….we’ve been doing this for 3 months now….I’m tired of doing this drama….

Laksh breaks the hug and cups her face…he looks into her eyes and says ragini even I feel bad for doing this but we have to do this…it’s for us…for our family….she nods and hugs laksh hiding her face in his chest…she says I really miss you laksh…he hugs her tighter and says I miss you too ragini…both are in each other’s embrace when suddenly his phone rings…ragini says laksh you couldn’t have kept your phone on silent? He says sorry and sees the caller….he looks at ragini and says mansi….she says pick it up….
He says hello? Mansi says where are you? He looks at ragini and says at bablu’s house…mansi says that low class guy who is your so called friend…he says please mansi he is my friend….she says whatever and says okay when will you be back…ragini hears that part and holds laksh’s hand gesturing him not to go…he smiles and says to mansi I’ll come tomorrow morning…bablu is alone too so I’ll give him company…mansi says okay whatever and hangs up….
Ragini says this mansi has a loud voice…it’s like a speaker…I heard her clearly from your phone….laksh laughs and cups ragini’s face….he says now we both are together alone….she smiles and hugs him tight….he hugs her back….

Mansi is seen folding clothes when suddenly someone comes in a black jacket and hugs her from the back…she quickly turns around and sees the person….she sighs and says idiot you scared me….the person removes his hoodie and it reveals to be nikhil….mansi hugs him and says finally you’re here….nikhil says I love you….she says I love you too….nikhil holds her from her waist while she has her arms encircled around his neck…he says by the way when you are married to me then why do you keep going close to that laksh?
Mansi laughs and says idiot you forgot our plan? Nikhil pulls her closer and says of course not baby….she laughs and he says just a few more weeks then all his property and everything will be ours…mansi says exactly and this mishka….she’s just a pawn for us….nikhil laughs and says exactly…when we get the money in our hands we will tell police how laksh kidnapped this girl and kept her captivated and blackmailed you that if you don’t help him then he will kill the girl….

Mansi and nikhil laugh and both hug each other….mishka was playing with her doll when it flew near mansi’s door….she was looking for it and the doll was there for quite some time….mishka gets teary eyed and says where is my doll? Why can’t I find it? My papa gave it to me so lovingly and I lost it…she finally spots it and gets a huge smile on her face…she runs and gets the doll…she takes it to her room while inside mansi and nikhil are getting romantic….

Raglak were hugging each other and then they break away….they both go and sit on the bed holding each other’s hands….ragini rests her head on laksh’s shoulder’s while his one arm is around her waist and the other hand is holding her hand….laksh says by the way ragini you do nice acting! Ragini smiles and says exactly…remember all our plans…laksh laughs lightly and says exactly…I texted you saying mansi left from home and then you quickly agreed to go with sumi aunty to the temple…she smiles and says then I told maa I have something important to do and I made an excuse…he smiles and says then you texted me and I said mansi must be on her way and you purposely went in front of her car so she can bring you home….she laughs and says then I said all that to you…he smiles….

She says but laksh I’m sorry I yelled at you…he says no problem even I yelled at you and look mansi believed us haha…ragini says exactly and not only mansi but we fooled nikhil too…remember that day I went to the hospital to ask the doctor about you….laksh says to ragini that the doctor said I died…she says yeah and then you paid the doctor to say that…both recall the moment…laksh says yeah and nikhil called the doctor as Neil and said he was my best friend…ragini says we fooled mansi and nikhil so good…laksh said exactly we had to…and you are acting pretty good! Ragini smiles and says thanks to you or I would’ve been the scared ragini….laksh says oh baby no problem…she playfully hits his chest and says laksh remember when we met three months ago….he smiles and flashback starts
FLASHBACK 3 months ago

Laksh was living as abhimanyu at mansi’s place when he had to urgently go to the hospital for his reports from the accident he met with…he went there and fortunately ragini was also there waiting for her laksh to come….she had hope that laksh wasn’t dead….he came to Dr. Khanna’s office and picked up his reports….on the way coming out he bumped into a lady…he apologized and was rushing when that lady stopped him….she thought why his voice sounds like laksh….she walked to him and held his shoulder….she turned him and was shocked and teary eyed….she said laksh….she was crying in happiness….
She quickly hugged him and laksh also was happy seeing his ragini…he held her waist and pulled her closer….laksh said ragini you? You’re alive? But I thought you were dead? She was shocked hearing that…she broke the hug and said dead? What do you mean? Laksh says when I met with an accident a lady whose name was mansi helped me and took me to the hospital…I thanked her for all her help and I told her I want to go to my ragini but some man came and told me if I was ragini’s husband? I nodded yes and the man said I’m sorry to say but she is dead…I was shocked when I heard the news….

I couldn’t believe my ears….I had hope that you would come but you never came…after a few weeks mansi came to me and she asked me to be abhimanyu for mishka…I asked her why? What the reason was? Mansi told me she was in coma because she heard her father died…I told mansi how he could’ve helped….mansi showed him pictures of the real abhimanyu….he was shocked seeing the pictures…he couldn’t believe his eyes….they looked exactly like laksh except abhimanyu had more spiky hair and glasses…
Mansi told me to behave like abhimanyu until mishka was fine…I was hesitant first but she told me that if she helped him then he should at least do this much for her daughter….I felt guilty and so I decided to be abhimanyu….ragini heard this and was shocked….she said who would lie to you like this? And mansi I didn’t even know her so how did they know me? Laksh says I don’t know but that man told me….what was his name? Um oh yes nikhil….nikhil told me….ragini was shocked hearing that…she says nikhil? He nods….she showed him his pic and said this nikhil?

Laksh says yes ragini this one….he is the same guy…but how do you know him? She was shocked…she was silent…laksh shakes her and says ragini tell me how you know nikhil? She says swara….laksh says swara? Ragini says laksh this is nikhil….he is swara’s childhood friend….he came to visit us….laksh says childhood friend? But where was he all this time? And why suddenly did he remember swara? Ragini says exactly laksh….how can nikhil come suddenly?? Both are puzzled when laksh says ragini….connect the dots….she says what? Laksh says listen….I met with an accident….mansi helped me….nikhil suddenly came as swara’s friend….I meet him at the hospital….nikhil tells me you died….mansi asks me to behave like abhimanyu….ragini says so?
Laksh what are you trying to say? Laksh says ragini what if Nikhil’s unexpected visit wasn’t unexpected? What if it was planned? Ragini is shocked? She says no laksh I don’t think so…laksh says ragini just think….why would nikhil suddenly come to visit swara? Why would he meet me in the hospital? And how can mansi’s husband look the same the exact same as me? ragini thinks and says maybe you’re right laksh…he says ragini there is some connection….mansi and nikhil aren’t just some ordinary people….something is there….ragini says yes laksh and we need to find out…he says exactly…
He says I have a plan…she says what? Laksh tells about how they should continue pretending they don’t know each other….mansi hasn’t seen you so it’ll be easy to fool her…she says nikhil? Laksh says we’ll think about that later…first we need to see what their plan is…raglak hug each other and then leave….
Laksh says ragini we fooled mansi and nikhil so much in these 6 months….she smiles and says exactly but I still don’t understand something….he says what? Ragini says if mansi said her daughter mishka was in coma then in 2 days how did she recover fully? I mean you told me as soon as you went she was fine? How is that possible? And have you seen laksh….her habits, her lifestyle everything is nothing similar to mansi….and I’m 100% sure this abhimanyu identity is fake too….laksh says maybe you’re right…they could’ve photo shopped the pics too….ragini says pic? Laksh do you have the pic mansi showed you? Of abhimanyu? He says yes I keep it with me just in case someone catches me red-handed….she pulls his cheeks and says aww my hubby is so smart….
He fakes a laugh and says shut up ragini….she pouts and laksh gives her the pic….she sees it closely and finds nothing….suddenly she spots something….she looks at it again and sees his arm….she says laksh take off your shirt….he says what? ragini I will not let you rape me….not today….she angrily sees him and says shut up laksh….he makes funny faces and she says laksh just take off your shirt…he pouts and takes off his shirt….ragini touches his arms and laksh says ragini what are you doing? Funny tune plays….she says laksh stop making guesses and hush….he follows his wife’s order and does what she says….
She sees his arm and looks in the pic….she says found it…laksh confusingly asks found what? She says idiot I found proof….he says what? Where? She says look….this is the pic of abhimanyu right? And you are laksh….he says yeah….she says your my laksh and I know you have a tattoo on your arm….he sees the tattoo and says yeah so? She says laksh look at this pic closely…this pic also has a tattoo….and it’s the same one you have….how can abhimanyu have the same tattoo as you and in the same place?
He is shocked too….he says wow ragini you’re so smart….she smiles and says to laksh so it clearly means this pic is photo shopped….he says yes exactly….laksh we can use this pic against mansi….keep it safely….he nods….while he is putting the pic up ragini eyes his body….she can’t help it but it’s just so attracting…she thinks oh my gosh….my hubby has so many abs….laksh notices her and says naughtily ragini you want to rape me right? She suddenly realizes what she was doing and says chii you’re so gross laksh….he pulls her closer and says no I saw you….you were eyeing my body….she blushes….laksh puts his wallet on the dresser and takes ragini on his lap….he is sitting on the bed and makes ragini sit on his lap….he comes near her ear and says but you’re also not less….you have a very hot figure too….she pushes laksh and gets off the bed…she says with her back facing him you’re so gross laksh….he comes closer to her and says that I am baby….he slides his arms under her sari pallu and pulls her closer from her belly….
He breaths faster….he moves her hair on one side and kisses her shoulders….he opens her back dori and loosens her blouse…he slides off one side and kisses her there….she turns around where their bodies are very close….from the front he kisses her neck and she looks up holding laksh’s shoulder’s tighter….she moves away and sits on the bed…he comes near her and comes on top of her…she is under laksh and he kisses her cheeks, eyes, lips, nose and then moves to her neck removing her pallu from the front as he goes….
He kisses her neck and then her belly….she turns him over and says may I? He smiles and she kisses his neck, his chest. And then his eyes, nose, lips, cheeks….he turns her over again and removes her clothes…she gets so nervous but laksh says ragini relax…I’m your husband….she smiles and he takes off his clothes and both are totally exposed….he says ragini are you sure? She nods….he slowly enters in her and she moans in pain…he stops and says sorry ragini I know it’s hurting….she says it’s okay laksh you’re my hubby….he smiles and he does it again and she moans in pleasure and she covers them with a duvet and lights dim…..
She says nikhil I called abhimanyu aka laksh and he said he will come tomorrow so we can be together the whole night…he says that’s great and they fall asleep…
Sunrays fall on ragini and laksh…they are seen sleeping in each other’s embrace…she wakes up due to sunlight and says laksh wake up….laksh….he wakes up and says yes ragini what’s wrong? She says laksh it’s 8 am….you have to leave now….maa will come anytime…he says oh no and quickly wears his clothes and leaves from the window….she waves at him and he gives her a flying kiss….she blushes and she quickly goes into the washroom to freshen up…
After sometime she comes downstairs and tries hiding all the love bites….other side laksh comes to mansi’s home in Abhimanyu’s get-up and acts normal….he goes towards him room when he sees mansi sleeping with someone…he wonders who it is….he looks through the open window and is shocked….he says nikhil? He quickly takes his phone out and takes pics and videos of them….he smiles and says 2nd proof….he leaves them alone and goes to mishka’s room….he sees her sleeping and thinks I wonder who this girl is? Is she really mansi’s daughter?
He goes to mishka and kisses her forehead…she wakes up and says papa….he smiles…mishka says papa you know what? Yesterday I lost my doll you gifted me and I was about to cry but then I found it….he says aww beta if you lost it I would’ve gotten another one…she says but I love this one papa….he laughs and mishka says I’ll go get ready…he nods and she leaves the doll…laksh picks it up and sees it….he thinks what is with girls that they love dolls so much….he laughs and puts it down and is about to leave when he stops….he looks at the doll again and thinks what was that I felt?
He picks the doll up again and says why it is so hard from the inside….he looks at it suspiciously….he is about to open it when mishka comes back….
She says papa I’m ready…he says okay beta come let me drop you to school….she nods and they leave….after sometime mansi wakes up and thinks I slept for this long…she sees nikhil and says nikhil wake up…he wakes up and she says go home or someone might see you…he says right and he quickly leaves…mansi sees laksh and mishka missing…she calls him and he says I dropped mishka to school…she says oh okay good….she says wait since you’re out can you please go to the market and get some items…he says sure send me the list….she says yeah I’ll text it…
They hang up and laksh says huh? Am I her slave….he makes funny faces and leaves for the market…he thinks how will I find anything…oh let me call ragini…she says okay I’m coming….she leaves and reaches where laksh was….they both leave together….after a few hours laksh says okay we got everything and thank you so much ragini…if you didn’t come then I don’t know how I would’ve found all the items…she says no problem….i’m your wife after all….

Both smile when suddenly raglak hear a small girl crying…they run towards that sound and see her with a doll….laksh says beta what’s wrong? Why are you crying? The girl says uncle see na…I accidentally dropped my doll and a car ran over it….look at it now…it’s ripped….he says awww beta don’t worry I’ll fix it right away…he takes the doll and feels something weird…he thinks this is the same hardness I felt on mishka’s doll….he says beta can I take it for some time….she says sure sure….he nods and ragini says laksh what’s wrong?
Laksh says ragini this doll….it feels so similar to mishka’s….even today I held her doll and it had the same hardness like this doll does…I was going to check but mishka came…ragini says then check this one…it’s already a bit ripped…he nods….they open the doll and find a recorder….laksh says recorder? He says it means even in mishka’s doll it was the recorder….he puts it back in and fixes the doll and gives it to the girl…she gets happy and says thanks uncle….he says beta um can I ask something? She says yes uncle? He says beta where’d you get this doll from?

She points to the store and laksh tells ragini that he also bought mishka’s doll from the same store….she is shocked and laksh tells the girl thanks beta and leaves….they get to the shop and laksh asks the owner if they sell dolls….he replies yes sir…laksh says can you show some to me….the man gives him 10-15 dolls and they all have the same hardness….laksh says sir why are all the dolls hard from the inside? The owner says we install recorders in them….ragini says why sir? The owner says because most girls like playing with dolls and there are also many issues with girls like they get kidnapped and all…so we put recorders in for the kids safety…laksh says so does the recorder just record everything….
The owner says yes its censored…as soon as the doll is near or close to someone speaking it immediately catches the voice….laksh thanks the man and they leave…ragini it means whatever happened last night must have recorded in her doll…she says what do you mean? Laksh says when I got home this morning I saw nikhil and mansi sleeping together and mishka told me that she lost the doll last night….she said she found it near mansi’s room….so it must’ve caught something….we need to get that doll….raglak smile and they head for home….


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