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The Epsiode starts in the College where princi tells that written examz result are out from which dhruv..maitri..pinki..prateek..Vp..yuvraaj..Ron.Kavita.kiera..and last Anjali is Selected.. Kavita asks who is the topper princi tells Anjali…Kiera asks that they can select their fav partner princy replies no..The lecturer tells them to write the Most fav and least intrestesd students..All write the names…Princy Announces the name Amisha yuvraaj…Prateek-pinky..Harsh-kiera…Finally Dhruv and Anjali are selected…Principale congratulates Anjali and leaves.

Anjali recieves Preet message she recieves a picture of Angad and sheena sitting closely..Preet Calls and tells Anjali that Angad is getting so Cosy with Sheena…Anjali tells that she still loves Angad..Preet tells

Anjali that Angad used her everytime during projects in Exam she tells to keep quiet and put a cross mark against Angad name forget him and move on and be happy and keeps the phone..Amisha comments on Seeing thag both Are looking good and happy..Anjali says Babaji that why he showed hope when everthng finished Anjali promises that till next 24 hours she will never take hia name..She Says that next 24 hours will show her life future..That Angad may be in her life or not…Anjali thinks about her past with Preet she said “Angad” in one breath 47 times only wheras Angad says his name only 40 times…Anjali won Preet tell if she said Babaji would have top Ambala..Till that Amisha wakes her up in Car and asks about whom she is dreams..Amisha says that she knew that Anjali ia thinking about her Ex Anjali says to leave her alone…Anjali says its only 2hours she couldn”t forget Angad”s name..Tells Babaji to handle it..

ON anotherside lecturer Scolds Angad for making a worst project and asks who had made his project till Now Angad is unanswerable…And says it would not have happened if Jhalli goes to Delhi..Chunni Suggest Angad to ask help from sheena Angad says she wont get time from Setting her hairs..Anjali checks her photographs on friendsbook uploaded by Angad..till that tauji calls and asks where is she..she replies will be coming in a minute..Anjali says how to hide her hand from Tauji..As Anjali comes in the house Tauji tell her to come for lunch Anjali snatches towel from Amisha tries to hide her hand but Taijii Snatches and says its her Special towel buyed from jammu..Balwinder helps Anjali by giving her bag..Anjali somehow hides her hands and says that she is fasting and goes..At night Taujii comes and asks to stop give execuses and he knew that it is the matter of Heart Amisha enters Tauji leaves by saying All the best..Everyone gathers around in the college for the competidion..Everyone is sitting with their partners..Mam says that there will be 3 rounds and the first round will be of 30 questions buzzer round…of 10 points..who pressed buzzer and gave correct answer will be given 10 points who answered wrong will be deducted -5…Yuvraaj instructs a worker to close Anjali-Dhruv buzzer…As the Quiz starts the first question is
1)In which country there is no cinema halls.??
Ron replies Saudia arabia and gets 10 point..The next question is:
2)who is the excellant footballer of 2014?
Prateek press the buzzer but gives the wrong answer as David beckham..Mam says its christana ronaldo..Anjali and Dhruv complians but the worker onn the Switch..The buzzer works and Sir scolds Anjali..and Dhruv tells to concentrate on Quiz
3)Napeolon has disease name Ailurophobia what was that?As Anjali tries to press buzzer but it doesnot work..Amisha answer the Question as Fear of cat..VP takes out noise of Cat Amisha gets scared and shouts…
4)what is the name of movie which goes in Oscar??kavita answers wrong..Anjali stands up and complain but Sir agaim scolds her..Anjali do trick and somehow manages to use buzzer..from her phone..Anjali and Dhruv answers the next question…The points are declared as kiera Vp at 50…Yuvraj and amisha at 35…Harsh and Pinky at 10…Dhruv Anjali at 30…finally Anjali and Dhruv answers the next question and gets +5 additional points..The last question to Anjali and Dhruv is Guru nanak was first guru of Sikh Religion…What was name of second Guru.?.Anjali is unanswerable..As the countdown begins 10..9..8..7..6..5.4..3..Dhruv shouts at Anjali saying they may loose the game…

Precap::Anjali is Sitting with Angad on a bike Sheena comes and call him blo*dy cheapester Angad tells her that he dont love her .Anjali smiles ,,Sheena calls her JHALLI ANJAli…Angad tells her to shut up to Sheena as Anjali is her love…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Intresting quiz…but Anjali dont go back to that small lake frog cheapster Angad

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