Jhalli Anjali 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jhalli Anjali 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Epsiode starts with Anjali running behind Amisha…As Amisha took Angad”s photographs and all memories….and threwed all in the fire Anjali tries to stop her..But she wont stop tells Anjali how she could move onn…Anjali agrees and threws the pics while Ballu manages a pic and gives Anjali eggs to beat Angad pic”s…Anjali and Amisha beats along with Ballu…Till then chunni calls Anjali and says Angad misses Anjali and said that if munni…Shiela were not present in his life He would have selected his best friend Anjali…make his girlfriend…Because Anjali used to Care him alot…Anjali Calls life Wierd Tells that when wanted to forget the past…when she lose all hope A stupid phone call Comes and makes her mad…Anjali goes.and stops

Amisha and Ballu…And picks all the pics she threw in the fire while hee hands burn she still try to take out…Ballu tells in a filmy way “Will Anjali fail or successed in her love exam for that Watch Anjali” till that Amisha comes and Scolds to bring water…Ballu puts Water Anjali sadly hugs the pics…she imagine Angad saying for his pics she burnet her hands On another side Nikkhi tells that Anjali is very Senti in Angad”s matter..if she go back to ambala what will happened Amisha tells that is not possible because if she goes who will do her and Dhruv setting…Anjali talking to Angad photograph saying that if he actually feels about her then she would not have face such troubles..She would have not Come delhi..Amisha tries to take Anjali”s phone falls on Switch Fan opens and Angad”s pic falls on Anjali She thanks babaji Saying its his Signal Angad is hugging her…She gets happy..Amisha comment abt Angad saying ” I am not looking that great blo*dy small lake frog..Have seen your face blo*dy ambalachap wanna be dude..commenting me suits handsome dude not you”..Amisha text by Anjali and logs out …Chunni comes and says Friendsbook notification Angad tells stop He is making a song for his Bhabijii.Chunni tells he has to do such efforts Anjali was good Atleast..Angad says his hot shiela is better than that Jhalli…Angad gets shocked seeing the comment Chunni laughs..Angad takes revenge by uploading her horrible pics…Amisha and Anjali comes to kolg..while Two men in black Fights with Dhruv..He tells them from next time not to Come college They tell Dhruv to be in his deadline…Amisha sees this..Preet Calls Anjali and tells that the whole college in Ambala is talking about Anjali Comment…Anjali checks her Comment and gets shocked She calls Preet and tells her to apologise to Angad by her side Preet tells Anjali to feel Sorry for herself..As Angad breaked her heart..Preet tells Anjali stop making Angad her priority and she will never take her promise.and cuts the call…Anjali abuses Amisha…In library Amisha greets Dhruv and asks who is back of him if she can help him Dhruv says it ok…Anjali comes and shouts Amisha Everyone sees her Amisha and Dhruv comes..He says what is the problem between sisters..Amisha tells not Sister very far cousin..Dhruv says whatever..Anjali asks that what is her prblm why she commented against Angad…Amisha tells why she is living in false hopes and tells if she cannot See how Angad posted horrible pictures of her on Friendsbook Anjali tells to stay away from her personal life..Amisha agrees..while principle calls a meeting where everyone is waiting..Anjali recieves Amisha text Principle shouts on her..Principle says that Mr and Miss championship award is very important and from two years Dhruv is winning the title She tells that this award is very important as the Student who wins Will go directly in College elections..A written exam.is taken in which the students qualify will be Selected..

.Amisha tells Dhruv that something is on her face she will clean that Dhruv replies he can manage…VP makes noise of Cat Amisha shouts…Principal asks Amisha what happend..She replies she is scared of Cats…Principal asks VP to.meet her in the Cabin…Anjali and VP comes out..while a Car passes gutter splashes on her face…VP tells that its Kiera Yuvraaj Girlfriend very sharp…Anjali runs to Yuvraaj and shouts on him..Kiera replies Anjali.. she was inside Car soo she was unable to see..Standing with gutter would get the treatment like Gutter only she tells and goes…As the examination starts..Everyone in hurry..Examinar snatches kiera paper as she was cheating with Yuvraj and Sends her..Dhruv finishes the Exam…Yuvraaj gets shocked..Anjali Imagines Angad..making noise with pen and smiling…Then she realises a boy..and tell him to stop as it is disturbing..He replies to get lost Amisha calls Anjali and asks her question no 50 Anjali smiles thinking Angad..Examiner comes and snatches her paper..Anjali tells she will break Amisha teeth if she is not Selected…

Precap: Principale announces the result of Written exam in which Prateek..Dhruv..Yuvraaj..Amisha..are Selected..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Stupid Anjali nt forgetting Angad

  2. anjali forget angad look druv he is helping when you need

  3. I think by the time druv falls 4 anjali &anjali becomes popular angad will relise his mistake & come 2 win her back.

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