Jhalli Anjali 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Angad abuses Chunni as he pays all his bills..including recharge.He backstabbed him and took Anjali”s side..Anjali cries as Angad Scolds him…Preet tells what troubled happened Babaji..As she have to save Chunni from Angad..Maitreyi goes to principal and tells that Dhruv has done cheating…Principal tells that if anyone fail they give the same execuse..Maitreyi tells Dhruv has taken money from yuvraaj and fail in the Competition..Principal asks why everyone is having problem with Dhruv..As yuvraj was also talking against Dhruv..She asks what problem Maitreyi is having with Dhruv..Principal leaves saying she dont want to listen anythng..She goes away…Maitreyi tells that she will never leave Dhruv if she did not selected in the finals…Maitreyi tells Dhruv have to pay for this..Results

are announced…Prateek..VP..Yuvraaj..Amisha are standing..Principal asks any guess..Students make fun of Yuvraaj..Says how Anjali beat him…Yuvraaj gets furious…Dhruv calls BABLI CHADDA..Dhruv says that he arranged money Rs 25000..But somebody took from his locker..Dhruv tells he will give his Rs 50000 in two days…Babli chadda tells she dont want to listen anything asks her to meet tells its a order not a request..Dhruv goes away…dhruv hides from Babli chadda”s gang people..The 3rd finialist is Anjali and Dhruv..2nd is kiera and Rony…and at the first position is VP and Amisha…VP gets happy..Amisha gets to happy and kisses VP..VP falls Nikki and Pinki holds him,,,,,,Anjali cheers Amisha..Amisha searches for Dhruv…Principal tells who go in Round finalist are VP..Kiera..Anjali ..Rony..and Amisha…and Dhruv..All students claps and appreciates…Yuvraaj says by anyhow he will Disqualify Dhruv…On anotherside Dhruv SOmehow manages and takes a taxi asks the man to drop him lajpatnagar.

.Dhruv sits in the taxi..But Babli chadda is sitting in the car already..she raises piston..DHruv tells that somebody took his 25000rs…He will give in Some days..BAbli CHADDA says now she want 5lakh rupees..She will sell his kidney and takes her money…Dhruv gets scared and tells noo…Amisha is driving Anjali is sitting along with her…Amisha says she is very happy..and calls Kiera COPYCAT…Amisha says Anjali she want a solid setting with Dhruv..Anjali tells that what is the matter with Dhruv..ANjali sees Dhruv"s bag in the car..Amisha tells may be its Dhruv bag But where is Dhruv??Anjali tells that may be BABLI CHADDA the gangster kidnapped Dhruv…Amisha gets scared and tells that they will leave..Anjali says noo as Dhruv helped them..Anjali goes and peeps in the CAr ..

She sees Dhruv t-shirtand comes backs and sits…She tells Amisha that it was DHruv…They follow the car…BABLI CHADDA ties DHruv and puts him on the backseat..Dhruv is shouting for help…but she tied his mouth..Dhruv shouts BABLI CHADDA LAUGHS…Babli Sees Amisha”s car and tells driver to drive fast…Amisha tells that she missed the Car..Amisha tells now how can she save Dhruv..Anjali tells there is one way,,Anjali asks Amisha to arrange 25000 as fast as possible..And she will manage to catch BABLI…Anjali remembers how Dhruv helped him in every bad situation..Anjali tells Amisha that Dhruv was the first guy who helped her in delhi…Anjali tells Amisha to arrange the money and call..Anjali get out of the car in the middleway..Amisha goes..Anjali asks BABAJI to help..to show anyway..she sees Babli”s car and thanks BABAJI..ANjali takes an auto and follows the car

…Amisha comes at home..Amisha”s father..mother are standing and singing CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY CELEBRATIONS…His father asks whats the problem. Amisha tells there is a party Anjali is organizing….Nikki and pinky comes..Amisha takes Nikki pinky to the room.. Anjali follows BABLI CHADDA and reaches a small house she peeps watch Dhruv running…But babli chadda catches him..Anjali makes a plan..She knocks the gate as the watchman comes out..Anjali gets in…Anjali tells BAbaji that she fought from people of her locality but not Delhi”S gangster..Anjali tells JO BOLAY SO NIHAL and goes..As Anjali enters she sees Babli Chadda along with four people beating Dhruv..Dhruv cries saying only 2 days..BABLI tells she will take the kidney as she called the doctor…Anjali hides and goes in…Amisha tells pinky and Nikki that Dhruv is kidnapped…Nikki calls Dhruv “JIJU”…Amisha makes a plan..Punit listens all and runs to tell her Mom..Amisha..Nikki and pinky run behind him…while Babli chadda bring doctor he says that there is no proper nursing facality..if he die..Babli tells she doesnt care…she says if he die will sell his liver..eyes..heart..everthing…Dhruv fights and tries to escape but fails.

.Babli again raises pistol at Dhruv and says now its enough she will kill her..Anjali tells she have to save Dhruv…

Precap:Babli comes out of the Room Anjali”s phone start ringing..BAbli tells someone is here..Anjali gets worried..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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