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YUvraj tells he will disqualify..Amisha tells if anything happend to Anjali she will send kiera to jail…Kiera comes and tells to yuvraaj to do anythnh..Dhruv and Amisha goes to terrace but doesnot find Anjali..Vp tells Anjali jumped Someone taps Vp..Vp says wait a minute..its anjali she tells she is not doing sucide but just sitting and thinking..Amisha tells its okey..Yuvraj tells cti come as they have to give the performance ,..anjali says noo…As her mood is off..Maitreyi tells dhruv if Anjali backout next they have to dance..Yuvraj says why Anjali will backout.asks if its his dad”s reign. Anjali calls him Donkey .Yuvraaj tells he will go to Ambala and will tal k about her whole family. Anjali tells Yuvraaj to go away..Anjali goes away..Prateek and yuvraaj catches Anjali by rope

ties her..Anjali shouts to leave..Vp comes and throws water bottle to prateek..catching this Prateek leaves the rope..Anjali frees thanks VP calls him TIGER..And goes..Yuvraaj abuses prateek for leaving the rope,,Amisha follows Anjali…Anjali tells she doesnot wanted to listen anything…Amisha tells once look who is on the phone..Amisha says its preet..Preet says Anjali thats good that Anjali backout from the Competition Angad was right she was a loser.kiera was also right..Preet tells that ANgad said Anjali was a loser from Ambala and now loser from delhi..Preet encourages Anjali not to leave the Competition ..Anjali imagines Sheena and Angad saying BASANTI INN KUTTU KE SAAMNE Angad calls again Anjali loser…Anjali gets furious and now tells she will sdance now…Anjali goes to yuvraaj and says him to ready backoffstage as he will see the dance of Ambala style..Anjali leaves…Yuvraaj gives Prateek a key and tell that this is the mAster key any lock can open from this and goes..Prateek says okey..On another side Anjali and Yuvraaj start dancig on song name “AA JAB TAK HAIN JAAN MAIN NAACHONGI” Yuvraaj is carrying Gabbar”s belt…Yuvraaj is in costume of gabbar with curly wig..Anjali is waring Ghagra chowli..both dances well public applauds Gabbar stands and beats with the belt on another side Dhruv an Maitreyi practise Dhruv recieves BABLI CHADDA”S call he goes away…She calls him CHIKNI CHEEKU tells that she have came to her college..DHRUV tells he doing dance cannot come…Tells her to on locker room…BABLI chadda tells ok and keeps the phone…Prateek tries to open the locker ….HE opens Dhruv locker and takes the money out…ANjali is still DAncing..”Pyaaar abhi bhi marta nahi..AA JAB TAK HAIN JAAN”..Yuvraaj Dances and pushes Anjali gently,,,Anjali tells now she will show himm…Dhruv checks the locker but doesnot find money gets worried and shouts…Anjali while DAncing Snatches Yuvraaj belts and start beating him on the rythm..public ..lectures and VP..Amisha ..Enjoy the performance..VP tells his friend is not a loser…Anjali beats YUvraaj with her beat and Pushes him…He falls on the ground Anjalii puts his leg on him..and poses Everyone laughsAmisha and VP appreciates..DHruv and MAitrey comes on the stage Dhuv is wearing yellow shirt and pants both DAnce on Song “OO LA LAL LALA “” all Enjoy the performance suddenly babli chadda comes..on stage..Everyone gets shocked anjali tells she is the one who is blackmailing Dhruv and gangster..BABLI puts piston on DHRUV and presses but it was papers and all not bullet…Prof asks who is this peon tells She supplies food in canteen..BABLI asks her money and goes..Amisha tells Anjali they have to follow BABLI Anjali says noo but Amisha takes her…MAitrey comes and blmaes Dhruv tells that they will fail in the competition because YUvraaj offered him money…Dhruv say but he didnot take…Dhruv recieves BABLI text msh and goes..Amisha comes and Asks Maitreyi were is Dhruv …Maitrey tells she is in hell….Preet calls Anjali,,,Anjali tells Preet how she beat YUvraaj and insulted him.,,Preet tells thats the Spirit tells she is ROcKStar of AMbala…Preet tells now they will tease one more fool…Preet video calls skype to Anjali and show Angad with sheena…ANgad shows a nailpolish to sheena…Sheena says its green not dark green..Anjali tells Sheena made Angad her dog Preet says yes PET DOG…Transmittor talks to ANJALI and tells he will take revenge from Angad..Preet mix chilli noise in the sauce..Transmittor goes and gives it to Angad..ANgad asks Sheena if she wants sauce Sheena says ofcourse..HE squeeze but it doesnot come out.. Angad puts Sauce on Sheena”S face accidently…Sheen shouts..

.Transmittor gives Angad water..Angad puts water on Sheena”S face….Sheena gets Angry and shouts what that…Angad tells he pour water because chill sauce sprayed in her eyes….Sheena shouts her hair..phone and dress are spoiled…Preet show all this to Anjali,,Anjali sees and tell it is over…Sheena Calls Angad dumbo..Angad says let it be…Sheena tells noo and goes away Everyone laughs at ANgad….Angad sees Preet carrying Phone..Angad Snatches and sees Anjali He tells Anjali that he know that Anjali all this..Preet tells that she and Chunni did this all to take revenge of Anjali…

Precap:Anjali and Amisha are sitting in CAr..Anjali says BAbli chadda kidnapped Dhruv

Update Credit to: Ansari

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