Jhalli Anjali 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dhruv comes and Anjali tells Amisha to call a doctor and duv pours water on her and anjali gets up.. anjali thinks druv as angad and tell him that she loved him truly. druv say its ”me” not angad.. anjali relises and says sorry..and other students call her stupid and despo and laughs at her…and suggests her to return to ambala… druv shouts at them that AS IF U GUYS R ROCK STARS..!!! and tells them to get lost, amisha brings doctor comes and checks anjali.. keira laughs (evil laugh)… druv goes to keiera and calls her cheap.. and yuvraj comes in between and tells druv to practice as if he is going to lose. druv walks off in a very angry mood.. doctors say anjali to eat some food to get some energy and to stop dieting.. anjali looks at amisha and amisha apoligises to anjali..

doctors says to get something to eat for her as her glucose level falls down. doctors go away. keira taunts what what kind of things ppl do for sympathy fame attention.. amisha gets angry and shouts at her. and say that first look at herself.. kiera says she will do something and its a surprise… 1ST ROUND of Mr and Mrs round championship starts first contestant is Kiera and rooney (dance) kiera is boy and rooney is girl and the audience enjoys…. amisha, vipi, anjali, druv and maitry sees the dance and anjali says amisha that they steal her song and the dance steps.. (every body enjoys the dance)…. amisha cries and says they stole all her theme and vipi cries and says we too have to suffer like amisha..(dance still on). amisha cries still, and the host apreciates…. kiera askes how was the dance to amisha…. amisha scolds her and cries but kiera says that anjali helpd them for this dance.. anjali scolds her and goes to slap her but yuvraj holds her hands and calls her cheap girl from ambala.. druv come in bitween and warns yuvraj to stay away from anjali. kiera thanks anjali and walks off… amisha cries and says she will back off, but druv deny and suggest them to think something that brings fire in the stage in just 5 minutes if they can….. and druv walks away..amisha cries and says every thing is over… vipi come holds her hand and says he will not let her lose.. but amisha says her mind is not working. anjali says 1 second can she give a idea?? but amisha says plz anjali u dont give any idea. and says to anjali that “” u gave a idea to kiera now no need please”” and says to stay out of this.. then anjali smiles and takes her mobile out and send a message to vipi saying “” we will do our favoorite dance on the stage”” vipi sees the message and smiles and they both shows a thumbs up to eace other. vipi says to amisha that plz give us 1 chance we will fire the stage. anjali comes and sits in the campus and says to god that from morning her day is worst.. 1st that stupid angad uploaded the video and then this blo*dy kiera.. all laughed at her and she leaves and what to do now. anjali calls angad while angad is busy kissing shena..(tone rings). sheena cuts the phone…anjali video calls angad and says that he is being cheap again??? but shena replies that CHEAP?? LOOK WHOSE TALKING? and says her “first u were dumped by angad in front of all and now again she is talking to angad??” and now u only listen (angad says) i only love u sheena and anjali is despo and loser… and sheena says angad is only hers.. and kisses… angad feels happy and shena says anjali look at ur self and says her despo and cuts the phone. anjali feels rlly sad and depressed.. (anjali remembers all past things what amisha taught her) anjali cries alot… meanwhile in the dance, host says “” next dancer is amisha nd vipi”” (claps and whistles) amisha comes on stage (music of dabangg song). vipi comes on cycle and dances freely and nice. (music)… amisha sees vipi and copies her steps… and 1 of the judge gets up and dances.. druv thinks where is anjali and calls her.. mean while amisha jumps on vipi..(dance ends) (every1 saying ONES MORE!!)….. host says to take a break.. amesha shugs druv and vipi feels sad. then amisha hugs vipi too…. then vipi and druv worries about anjali and vipi goes to search anjali… amisha tunts kiera nd walks off…. yuvraj scolds kiera saying why the hell she dragged anjali in between if he and anjali gets disqualified he will blame kiera for it… she says FINE!! and walks off… anjali cries… (thinks of angad and shenas rude words).. Druve and maitri enters.. yuvraj comes and shows druv money… the DJ comes to maitri and says her to give the song cd… she says did druv dint gave him?? he says noooooo..>! and maitri gives him the CD. meanwhile Dhruv refuses yuvraj money and walks off… every 1 searches anjali in bathroom, canteens etc…. meanwhile anjali cries sitting on terrace and says she will teach a lesson to angad. she cries alot and says her heart is broken… every1 shouts ANJALI ANJALI ANJALI..!! Dhruv spots anjali sitting at the edge of the terrace wall and he gets shocked.

Precap:Dhruv,,Amisha and Everyone gets shocked seeing Anjali,,Dhruv and Amisha goes on the terrace..but cant find Anjali..VP says Anjali jumped

Update Credit to: Ansari

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