Jhalli Anjali 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jhalli Anjali 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

AS Anjali falls Yuvraaj holds her hand. ..Yuvraaj slaps Prateek saying if she fall who will dance with him…Dhruv comes along with a Strange man..Dhruv tells him not to come to college…The man go through steps..and falls Dhruv comes and helps him to get up…He tells Dhruv that Babli chadda will show him..Yuvraaj says Prateek one thing he did right..Anjali sees and says that she have to find out who is this man..Dhruv recieves a video message from BABLI CHADDA telling she want 50thousand till tommorrow otherwise she wil kill him..Prateek instructs a boy to remove the headphones..He remove Dhruv”s headphones Anjali and Prateek hears Babli chadda video saying she want 50thousand till tommorrow they both is shocked..Anjali tells she have to show this video to Amisha…Anjali follows

Dhruv..Dhruv is talking to someone saying he want his money back..Anjali sees pictures of pizza and stops and thinks to eat then she remembers Amisha saying her to follow strict diet..Anjali follows Dhruv again..Dhruv tells on phone till tommorrow he wants his money back…Anjali tells he will inform Amisha what he is doing..Anjali calls Amisha and follows Dhruv…Someone calls Anjali and ask what she is becoming in dance hen or crow…Anjali turns back and reply..Aishwariya rai..Dhruv sees Anjali asks is she following him…Anjali says noo …Anjali by mistake admit that Amisha told Dhruv is a very good guy and she want to go on date Dhruv says no..Anjali says sorry with VP..Dhruv says Anjali is gone crazy..Anjali says she is hungry..thats why she is telling all rubbish..Dhruv gives Anjali money and tells her to eat anythng and goes Anjali gets shocked..Amisha tells her to meer at canteen…Anjali tells Amisha that she said by mistake as she was hungry..Pinky brings muffin..Anjali stares it..Amisha says on one Condition if she didnt lecture him about Dhruv..Anjali agrees..Amisha tells to do setting with Dhruv as soon as possible..On another side Dhruv and Maitreyi are Dancing..Maitreyi asks is he worried for any problem..Dhruv says nothing..Dhruv recieves a message saying…Money is not prepared yet…Dhruv calls him but phone is out of reachable..Dhruv is worries from where did he get money..Yuvraaj comes and offers him 50thousand to take and backout from college competition Anjali is unable to listen due to dhol..Anjali tells what to do now as Amisha will Scold her..Chunni calls Anjali and tells her good news that Angad and sheena broked up…Anjali feels soo happy…Anjali asks why they fought..Chunni tells because of Anjali..Anjali calls Angad to know the reason why did they broke up…Amisha Snatches her phone and warns again not to talk to Angad…Anjali shouts….Anjali tells Babaji she have to Call Angad by hook or crook…Angad says Sheena there is nothinh between Anjali and him..Sheena tells to prove it and keeps the phone…Angad tries to call Anjali but phone is out of reachable..Angad tells he will convert Anjali good days into bad…Anjali talks to upasana eats chaana saying according to him Amisha is jhalli..As she loves a person like Dhruv..Anjali guess if Angad tried to contact to her..Anjali tries to call angad from landline but Amisha comes and stops her..Anjali takes Taijii phone but again Amisha comes and stops her..Anjali takes balwinder phone and tries to call but Amisha comes and stops her…Anjali asks when she downloaded hike messenger..Amisha tells if a person is out of coverage area then also easily we can send sms to them..And call and sms is free..Anjali tells thats soo good ..She request Amisha to give her phone..but she refuses..Angad. sits restlessly saying when will Anjali switch on the phone..He gets an idea.

.Next day chunni gets a message he says seeing “o..teri”…Preet..VP..and kiera recieves the same text..VP..kiera..AND chunni calls but her phone shows switch off..Kiera gets happy saying Anjali changed the whole game..Dj asks pen drive Anjali.and Amisha gives…Kiera comes..pushes Anjali and Amisha..Anjali shouts at her asks her she is mad…Kiera replies..she is mad of Angad..Kiera places the pendrive that features video in which Angad rejected her..insulted her..before in Ambala .Amisha removes the pendrive…Anjali asks kiera why she is entering into her personal life…kiera says Angad uploaded this video..she calls Anjali despo…mad..loser..psyco..idiot..and pushes Anjali…Yuvraaj and Prateek laugh seeing this..Anjali cries..Whole students laugh at Anjali..Anjali cries…And gets fainted

Precap::Amisha searches Anjali everywhere but she is not found.
VP..Yuvraaj..Amisha search in the campus..Dhruv sees Anjali sitting on the edge of terrace..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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