Jhalli Anjali 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Anjali sits and tells VP that not happened what all are thinking..VP says atleast last time Dhruv saved her..Anjali says Babaji what is this new trouble if Tauji and her father came to know this what will they do..VP suggests to go and tell to principle Anjali says he is right and goes away…Amisha calls at washroom and cries calls Anjali bhenji Pinky tells to be okey and not to get upset…Pinky tells she remember Ragini who tell her cousin to do setting with a guy..Pinky tells now Rangine is single and her Cousin is getting married to that guy…Amisha cries and tells that she will today onlu tell Anjali to get out of her Room..Dhruv tries to tell Principle that he is innocent and there is nothing happend between him and Anjali but she refused Anjali Runs back of Principal..Anjali falls

and is fainted..Dhruv and Amisha shouts Principal comes out of Car…Anjali gets up and tells she is alright..Anjali tells principal she may be thinking that she Hit Anjali thats why fainted..But its not real..Principal tells so that Anjali”s prank..Anjali tells no it was not prank she tells sometimes what we see is fake that she tried to explain her She tells that her Babaji locket stuck in Dhruv”s locket ..Anjali tells that she known Dhruv from before he is a topper Because of Dhruv recomandation she rejected VP and her Suspension letter..So how can cannot believe Dhruv..Principal agrees with her..And tells that she is Cancelling the Suspension…Amisha gets happy and tells there is nothing between them..Dhruv thanks Principal..Principal tells to thank Anjali as she soo Smart…Yuvraaj blames Prateek..Prateek tells one day he will prove him..Amisha thanks Anjali..Anjali tells Amisha to stay away from Dhruv…Amisha tells from tommorrow she must be on liquid diet..Anjali comes to home and scolds Angad saying because of him she have to starve..Anjali text Angad saying That he miss him Everyhour..Everyminute and second she.miss her…Angad is his true love..Anjali thinks to send or not..Balwinder comes Anjali sends the Message by mistake and later realizes…

Angad is sitting with Sheena..Angad tells that in the whole Ambala she is only beautiful girl..Angad recieves Anjali”s message and reads it..Sheena asks how she is looking..Angad reads and Anjali”s message and appreciates Sheena..Sheena asks Angad to show his phone She checks Angad”s phone and calls him Two timer..Cheap..Dog and goes away…Anjali shouts at Balwinder..Balwinder tells he came to warn Anjali that Amisha gives strict diet to Everyone last time she gave to Pinky and she was hospitalized…Amisha gives juice to Anjali..Angad tells Sheena that Anjali is back of her.He didnt gave even a single reply..Sheena goes away…Anjali drinks juice and it sucks Amisha comes and tell to drink as to defeat Sheena…Anjalin drinks Amisha asks whether she is doing all this soo that Angad forgot Sheena and come to her..Angad is furious and calls Anjali..Amisha cuts the phone..Yuvraaj shouts at Anjali as she is not able to do a single step..Anjali tells how is it possible as he is changing steps..Dhruv dance with Maitreyi..Dhruv asks Maiterey where is her focus Maitreyk tells she danced only once…Nikki comes Prateek asks when she came Nikki tells today only..Nikki tell she will be Prateek”s partner..Amisha waits for VP but he is late…Vp comes wearing black colour jacket looking cool…looking hot..Amisha asks who is he Anjali tells it is Vp…Amisha gets shocked..Anjali tells Amisha now she can dance with him..Yuvraaj comes to kiera and tells Anjali is not dancing…Kiera sees Vp amd Amisha dancing and Anjali standing…On another Maitreyi is dancing freely..Prateek sees and tells That because of Dhruv his Friendship breaked with Yuvraaj..Dhruv dances with Maitreyi..Peon comes and tells principal called him and Anjali…Anjali and Dhruv comes….Prateek comes instructs a boy to throw basketball when Anjali and Dhruv Comes…So that he can prove Yuvraaj…Prateek sees Anjali coming and throws basketball…Anjal comes on Steps and see ball and fall the epsiode Ends..

Precap:Angad tells Sheena that nothing is between him and Anjali..Sheena tells to prove it…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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