Jhalli Anjali 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv asks his ipad the women tells in 3days she wants her 50thousand rs back otherwise she will kill him infront of whole college…Anjali tells Dhruv sir is in a big trouble and says she will not do Setting of Amisha with this guy…Amisha…Pinky and Anjali sits in a canteen Amisha tells she likes this type of guy who have cool dude attitude..hot gangster she tells Dhruv was her Crush before and now obcession..Anjali tells this guy have 15lac due..Amisha tells she is still happy…Amisha orders idli for Anjali as her diet demands…Anjali tells she was starved the whole night and now she has given Idli Amisha tells she have to eat as to become like Sheena..Anjali again imagines Angad…Angad brings puri and cake..He tells Anjali to Eat and Calls her “fat”…Anjali

tells she dont want to eat anythng…Yuvraaj comes along with her girlfriend kiera and tells today was his bad day as Anjali was her partner…He takes Anjali”s number and instruct to come on time..Everyone practising dance…Preet Calls Anjali…and thanks her as she top her on quiz…Anjali asks her gift to take her promise her back She tells all what happend that Babaji gave him Sign about the quiz…Preet tells noone can win from her…And takes her promise…Anjali thanks her…Anjali tells now she will Call Angad and will tell him that it was Babaji”s sign and to leave Sheena Preet says no as whole Ambala know that Angad is Sheena”s pet and he is doing all her work…On another side Angad is carrying sheena”s belongings..Preet tells not to call Angad she Agrees but tells that she will text him jokes Preet says ok and keeps the phone…Yuvraj calls Anjali and tells to come fast…Transmittor comes and tells to run away from college as he Scored only 2marks in exam and didnt attended a single class professor is mad at him and Searching…Transmittor shows Anjali”s pic and says she has topped in quiz…Angad tells she didnt do even a text..Chunni(transmitor) text Anjali to msg him…Yuvraaj shouts at Anjali as she didnt came on time…

Anjali receives Chunni msg and goes out…Anjali sits in the campus…stares a man eating icecream.. He feels awkward Anjali says sorry..Anjali text him saying he looks like Ranbir kapoor in Yellow tshirt…Angad recieves the message and gets happy Sheena comes..Angad asks her for long drive..Sheena tells noo as he is in yellow tshirt…Angad says Ranbir kapoor weared the same in Bachna Ae haseeno..Sheena tells it was it was Ranbir kapoor not you…Chunni says Anjali was good Angad says noo…Amisha shouts Anjali runs and bumps into Dhruv…Dhruv shouts at himm…Anjali asks VP…”Bihari what you did with Amisha?” VP promises god And says nothing…Amisha comes and tells she dont want partner who puts oil…Anjali and Dhruv gets shocked…Dhruv says is she Drama queen since childhood.. or doing now He tells that whole family is crazy…Anjali tells to concentrate on dance Amisha says no and goes away..Yuvraaj calls Anjali…Anjali goes in the room Yuvraaj throws small balls Anjali falls badly and cries Yuvraaj comes and apologises and asks what dance steps she knows Prateek comes running saying “bhai..Bhai.” and falls badly…Anjali laughs..He shows a video of Dhruv and maitreyi Dancing romantically..Yuvraaj goes and looks the room Dhruv shouts who is there..Yuvraaj tells he will call principle in a minute After seeing them together principle will disqualify them…Anjali sees Dhruv and Maitreyi..Anjali asks Maitrey why she is crying…Maitreyi goes away…Dhruv misunderstood and thinks Anjali.lock the room from outside..Dhruv shouts at her Anjali tells she had done nothing..Dhruv”s locket stucked in Anjali”s hair ……Principale comes and sees both from backside and thinks they both are kissing…She shouts at Dhruv And suspends both…Anjali tries to explain her but she disagree…Amisha asks Anjali what happened…Dhruv Scolds Anjali says that ur a big trouble in his life and to stay away from him..

Precap: Dhruv goes to principal and explains her but she ignores…Anjali runs behind her and gets fainted…Dhruv and Principal tries to wake her up but still she is unconscious…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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