Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

IGT’s best contestants are invited on Jhalak’s stage for the integration round. The pairings are……Trishna Group with Surveen, Arjun with Sumit Boran, Papai Antara and Salman Yusuf Khan. Shakti and Aditya, IGT winner Sulaiman and Shantanu, Karishma and Angel’s army, and Nora and Malkeet. Jhalak’s got talent round begins.

Manish welcomes everyone in the show. Shantanu was leading last week. Salman, Nora and Shakti were in bottom three. The second week fight starts with dance synchronization with IGT contestants.

Shakti with choreo partner Suchitra and Contortionist Aditya.
Dance Form: Contortion and Bollywood
They dance on the song Tharki Chokra…… from the movie PK.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Aditya welcome

on this stage, don’t know you have backbone or not, you have introduced his element Contortion in this act, Shakti is a good actor and had good energy, it was pleasing fun act, not an outstanding act, well done.
Jacqueline: Shakti and Suchitra you used Aditya very well. Shakti is getting more confident and impressed me, this act was cute and fun, it was great to see that side of you, I loved it.
Ganesh: Suchitra you fused Aditya’s talent well, look is good, and moves were good, I wanted more dancing, good act.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 8, Karan 8. Total 25.

Manish performs on Jumma Chumma dede song…… and welcomes AB, Arjun Bijlani with Sumit Boran/dancers wearing heels.

Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on Ram Chahe Leela….. from the movie Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela.
Judges’ Comments:
Jacqueline: Arjun I know its very difficult thing to dance wearing heels, its balance problems, I have to say, hats off to his attempt, this is critical for you, I feel you have did really well.
Ganesh: Sumit and Boran welcome to the show, Arjun I commend you did this Arjun, you missed a move and lost expression, attempt was good, but there was little plus and minus.
Karan: I think its challenging for Arjun, dance is new and he is doing new every week, Bhavna I felt choreography was flat and uninspired, it could have been better.
Scores: Ganesh 8, Jacqueline 8, Karan 8. Total 24.

Shantanu with choreo partner Alisha and Flutist Sulaiman
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on Sulaiman’s flute music of the song Tere Naina…… from the movie Chandni Chowk To China.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Sulaiman did great, IGT and Jhalak are Salman and SRK, Shantanu and Alisha, it was amazing, very beautiful, I have seen such confidence in Shantanu which I never saw you, this fusion of Sulaiman and Shantanu was brilliant.
Jacquelie: Sulaiman your talent is really amazing, Shantanu I have never seen your romantic side, you did a fantastic job, you nailed it today.
Ganesh: Sulaiman welcome to Jhalak, everyone is going towards west and wearing western clothes, and you are taking Indian culture ahead, well done, Shantanu and Alisha did great, it was a beautiful act.
Scores: Ganesh 10, Jacqueline 10, Karan 10. Total 30.

Jhalak stage gets the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. He performs on his poetry TU KHUD KI KHOJ ME NIKAL…… Manish tells that Jhalak stage was waiting for Amitabh since nine years. Amitabh tells about the movie Pink on women empowerment. Taapsee Pannu starring in Pink joins them.

Karishma and Rajit with Dance troupe Angel’s army.
Dance Form: Hip Hop
They dance on the song Mehbooba Mehbooba…… from the movie Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag.

Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Karishma I know it was tough for you to match with them, I think they dance even in sleep, very well done Karishma, you stood there like a star, you performed so well, I m excited with this integration.
Ganesh: Angel’s army it was energetic act, highlight of the act was Karishma Tanna, Rajit very well choreographed, it was entertaining act.
Jacqueline: Angel’s army welcome to Jhalak, its so good to have you, what an energy, Karishma is very hot today, every week I can see Karishma working on her technique, I think she was fantastic today.
Amitabh: Congrats to you all, sorry I have seen for the first time, its unique dance, I m thankful to Lord we did not had to dance with you, else we would have not been there.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Karan 9. Total 27.

Surveen and Sanam and Trishna music band.

Dance Form: Cabaret
They dance on the Trishna’s light music live band song Dil Se Tujhko Bedili Hai Mujhko Hai…………… Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Welcome back Trishna, its like house matter, I m happy seeing this fusion, Surveen I loved you have sung opening lines, you look great, musix was brilliant, act was great and band always rocks.
Ganesh: It was challenge round, I m surprised seeing Surveen doing so much to win, I felt she was losing balance in spins.
Jacqueline: I know you can go off on live songs, its easier to dance on lyrics, it was fantastic.
Amitabh: You do acting, singing and dancing, congrats and best wishes to you.
Scores: Ganesh 8, Jacqueline 8, Karan 9. Total 25.
Manish plays a fun question round with Amitabh asking about his relation with his family women, and what tasks did he do. Manish makes Amitabh cut Lady’s Finger/Bhendi vegetable.

Nora with Cornel and Aerial artist Malkeet
Dance Form: Aerial
They dance on the song Tu dhup Hai….. from the movie Taare Zameen Pe.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Malkeet welcome, you are king of aerial acts, Nora hats off to go blindfold, this was ambitious act of Jhalak this season.
Ganesh: Beautiful act, Nora did rehearsals, you maintained the orientation, I think this is challenging act.
Jacqueline: Nora you are able to give us something different, great, that was beautiful to watch.
Amitabh: You have explained this beautifully. I have to congratulate double time, you have shown you have much strength.
Taapsee: Nora you are a beautiful dancer, I can relate to your story, I play a dancer’s character in Pink, I could easily feel what you wanted to convey.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Karan 9. Total 30.

Salman Yusuf Khan and Aishwarya with gymnasts Papai and Antara

Dance Form: Acro gymnastics

They dance on the song O Saya….. from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.
They get a standing ovation from all the judges.
Judges’ Comments:
Amitabh: There should be words to give opinion, I know you did much hardwork, you said a story in this, I wish you progress.
Ganesh: Antara was star of the act, combination was mind blowing, it was brilliant picture for me, you let your fire die down Salman.
Jacqueline: Antara and Papai so good to see you perform in Jhalak, Salman you always tried to give perfect act, combination was great,
Karan: Papai and Antara you showed your expertise, they are amazing, Salman you did outstanding performance which I was waiting for, Aishwarya it was not easy to do this with these kids, well done.
Scores: Ganesh 10, Jacqueline 10, Karan 10. Total 30.

Amitabh performs on Shava Shava along with everyone. Nora and Shakti were in bottom two last week and are safe this week. Shantanu is the top scorer even this week. Arjun and Surveen are the lowest two scorers.

Next week challenge will be gender change round. The men has become women, and beauties have become men.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nandana

    I am happy to know that shakti is in safe zone and his dance was been super and liked others too . And WISH U ALL THE BEST SHAKTI TO WIN .

  2. Nandana

    And the precap seems to be interesting

  3. I love shakti…..hope he wins!!!!!
    I wish nakuul mehta aka shivaay from ishqbaaz joins jdj season next year.
    For now i am with shakti
    Shakti Arora and Jhalak Rock!!!!!!

  4. Samaira

    Where is hely shah.

    1. Helly shah and siddhant gupta have been eliminated………………………………… So sad

    2. She was eliminated last week. Shame. She was actually dancing and not just doing some provocative steps to get attention.

  5. Raksha.manan

    Shantanu u r the best….

  6. SOmeone please tell me what the guy who danced with Arjun did on IGT? What was his talent? Just dancing in heels? It was kind of creepy lol

  7. I hope someone who actually showed us some dance moves wins. So many female contestants are just shaking their bodies provocatively and not actually showing any technique. Stop with the vulgar, cheap tricks and actually dance. Show us some classical steps, some ballet steps etc. Don’t just shake your butt.

    1. meethi they are doing dance and u dont have right to insult their talent.they work hard to entertain viewers and u just insult their hardwork by calling it cheap and i think u dont know even a b c of dance and insulting their talent.
      those choreographers have devoted their lives for dance and u just saying rubbish
      You Should Learn to respect other hardwork

      1. I apologise if my original comment came off rude but I still stand by my point. I am a dancer myself and so know about dance techniques etc but I’m not claiming that I know better than these choreographers and neither am I insulting their talent. I’m saying they are not using their knowledge of dance to the maximum and not challenging the contestants enough. Yes, there are dance forms which require s*xy moves but when it’s all they make them do, it comes off as a cheap strategy to gain votes without actually putting in much effort. Why don’t they challenge their contestants and make them learn some steps instead of focusing on provocateur. If you think about last year, contestants like Sanaya,Anita tried different dance forms and you could see her improving as a dancer. I cannot say the same about most contestants this year. I think the choreographers are doing themselves and the contestants a disservice by not challenging them with techniques and just focusing on s*xy steps. I am only upset because I see potential in them

        And I have immense respect for all the choreographer and think they are fab dancers.

  8. wowwwwwwwwwwwww shantanu is on top again . he is the best dancer . I hope u will win this season cutie

  9. Shatnanu rocks!
    Miss u Sid!!!
    Miss u Helly!

  10. Shout out to Manish. He’s such an awesome host. Love his jokes. I’m sure that the show will be half as entertaining as it is now if Manish were to leave. Bless

  11. Technically shantanu is very good I think he should win jhalak

  12. yup i agree

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