Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manish welcomes everyone in the show in the children special episode.

Siddharth and Vaishnavi:
Dance Form: Bollywood and Gymnastics
They dance on the song Dil na diya…… from the movie Krrish.

Judges’ Comments:

Karan: I felt gymnastics went wrong, I did not like it much, I m sorry, it could be better.
Farah: I choreographed this song, the step was wrong, I can’t find any fault in Vivek’s wrong.
Jacqueline: Its good performer to use talent well on stage, dancing and gymnastic is amazing, use your charm, like your first performance, there was charm, dance and power, all in all, I liked the end portion, it was amazing, it saved everything.

Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 8, Farah

8. Total 25.

2. Nora and Cornel
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Zoobi doobi….. from the movie 3 idiots.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Nora and Cornel, you did cute initially, Nora disappeared and came on skates, I understood strap did not come out, you looked a little lost, Cornel it was sweet, not fantastic, Nora always attempts something new.
Jacqueline: Nora tries something different, we like this, because of skates, it was a good act.
Farah: You were not on stage for 40 secs in a 2min act, you disappeared Nora and Cornel was dancing alone, that was my problem, else sweet and nice act.
Scores: Jacqueline 8, Karan 7, Farah 6. Total 21.

Yuvraaj Singh comes in the show.
3. Shantanu and Alisha
Dance Form: Freestyle Hip Hop
They dance on the song Duniye ka naara……from the movie Taare Zameen Par
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: When you guys came here with this song, I thought it will be same, but I have not seen such best usage of this song ever, props were used minimal, you kept us gripped by choreography and dance, well done.
Karan: Many contestants have done something kiddish, I like you did work amazingly, Shantanu you have become like a complete finalist, well done.
Jacqueline: Shantanu, Alisha, wow performance, it was nice thought put up in a 2min performance, I love you, the moves, expressions, we were lost in your performance, you have swag, you are so cute, amazing.

Yuvraaj: One of the best performances I have seen, song, feel and dance were amazing.
Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 9, Farah 9. Total 28.

Spandan and Hardik:
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Chammak Challo…. from the movie Ra.One.
Judges’ Comments:
Jacqueline: There are many best dancers, you stand out Spandan, your doll expressions and pout, you maintained you are a doll, we felt you are a doll, you understand rhythm.
Farah: Hardik well done, this act was proper 360, we really look forward, slow motion was too good.
Karan: Well done Spandan, I liked the act a lot, there was lots of dance.
Yuvraaj: Brilliant performance, I got a barbie doll for you.
Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 9, Farah 9. Total 27.

Karishma and Rajit
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Dil hai chota sa….. from the movie Roja.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Karishma, in a million years, we would have guess its you, its difficult to get this getup and doing this, hats off for attempting this. I got goosebumps, the message for children day was right, dance was good, I have to give you a standing ovation, Rajit well done.
Karan: Amit ji did this in Paa movie, Rajit conceptualized it beautifully, the way Karishma did was exemplary, you performed so well, Rajit this is your best choreographed act, well done.
Jacqueline: The act was good and had strong subject, makeup is great, you were amazing, its such a proud moment.
Yuvraaj: Its a gutsy performance, I can relate to story as I had disease too, you inspire lot of people.
Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

Swasti and Preetjot
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Tumhe jo maine dekha….. from the movie Main Hoon Na.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Swasti I wish I danced like you, whose idea was this, concept is very cute and innovative. Diwakar you did annual day show, this time awards function.
Yuvraaj: Choto Manish hairstyle is better
Karan: I was imagining Farah, she is not so flexible, Swasti it was very cute, it was great and entertaining concept
Jacqueline: I want to say to say, you both are great.

Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 8, Farah 9. Total 26.

Salman and Aishwarya
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the instrumental music and Suraj ke baahon me.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: It was unique concept. Salman I felt act was too short, some more dancing used have been there, its nice to see hover board.
Karan: I loved the concept, body language, expressions Salman, Aishwarya was amazing as snake, it was so good, I liked the act.
Jacqueline: I did not know you would pull off Jungle boy act, it was short but good, keep it up.
Yuvraaj: Snake act was right, it was very good.
Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 8, Farah 8. Total 25.

Shakti and Suchitra
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Paathshala ……. from the movie Rang De Basanti.
Judges’ Comments:
Jacqueline: Shakti is convincing as a child, that was fun to watch, in this stage of competition, Shakti needs to do something that really shocks us.
Karan: Shakti you have energy and confidence, I found it simple.
Farah: We have come to annual day function again, kids are doing a lot these days, you can’t keep it so simple, Shakti were very good.
Scores: Jacqueline 8, Karan 7, Farah 7. Total 22.

Yuvraaj gives Shantanu and Karishma the t-shirts from YouWeCan for their awesome performances. Karishma is the top performer this week.

Nora and Shakti are called for the eliminations. Their scores are exactly the same, it means they have a tie. Nora and Cornel get the scores lesser by judges. Shakti is safe even this week. Nora gets eliminated.
Power packed performance goes to Karishma and Rajit.

Top 7 contestants perform. Alia Bhatt graces the show.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nora was far better dancer than shakti. Hate this voting system!!!

  2. Nandana

    Episode was been nice I really liked all the episodes and I liked SHAKTI’s perfoance but thinks he should have did something more and I think he has a good quality on dancing but the choreographers should give good steps and all to him . Then he will rock And happy to know that this time also SHAKTI saved and hope he will give nice performance like the begning and wishing him all the best to SHAKTI and wishing u to win this season so next time u should rock dear .

    1. Nandana

      But his performance was cute AND nice .

  3. Guys, is this episode worth watching? How were the performances overall? Debating whether or not to watch. Honestly it has got to the point that Manish’s jokes are the best part of the show. Maybe because the season has been going on for sooooo long. Looking forward to teen ka tadka cause Faisal is going to return and whatever you think of his win last year, you have to admit that he’s a great dancer (mashallah). Anyways, should I watch this episode or not? lol

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