Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manish welcomes everyone in the show. The theme today is I love…..

1. Siddharth and Vaishnavi
Dance Form: Contemporary
They dance on the song Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon by Armaan Malik.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Karan and I don’t have our dads with us, we got emotional, Siddharth was very young when he lost his dad, feeling to miss him, we will always have that feeling. I think you are very lucky boy to have a mom like this, we can’t know what its is to be single parents, hats off to your mum.
Karan: When our parents die, they take Lord’s place, I believe so, I m sure your father is protecting you, I like your sincerity in the act, it touched my heart, well done.
Jacqueline: I felt you danced for your

dad, not judges and competition, it was very beautiful and heart felt, I felt that pain and longing, I want to give you a hug.

Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 9, Farah 9. Total 27.

2. Shantanu and Alisha
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on Prabhu Deva mashup songs.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Shantanu, I said Prabhu wished you and you have to get perfect scores, I think you did it, I can’t say any flaws in the act, you have done new steps, Prabhu will do seeing this act, what a comeback, you will come in top 3.
Jacqueline: I feel very lucky to get such chance that Prabhu Sir choreographed me, Shantanu you killed it, you became Prabhu Deva today, its amazing to see you perform this way, when Prabhu Deva sees this, he will be proud.
Karan: Shantanu you were wanting to give tribute to Prabhu Deva, there can’t be better one, there was all highs in the act, it was a blockbuster performance.

Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

3. Karishma and Rajit
Dance Form: Tandav
They dance on song bolo har har….. from the movie Shivaay.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: It was impressive act, I liked that choreography, it was very nice, dance was there, Karishma fills life in every act, I will give extra mark to Rajit, expression was flawless, power was seen in Rajit.
Karan: Presentation was dramatic, Karishma’s journey is great, you do new every week, you don’t show fear and insecurity. I love your spirit.
Jacqueline: This performance was fearless, strong and power packed, I never saw you doing this, you are queen of variety, you have given us different characters and dance forms.
Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 9, Farah 9. Total 27.

4. Salman and Aishwarya
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Tum hi ho …… from the movie Aashiqui 2.
Judges’ comments:
Karan: Salman you took me back to memory lane, what a concept, I was seeing your performances in Jhalak, when you own the stage alone, its powerful, it was good choreography, I loved it.
Farah: Its truly a journey to dancer to choreographer to leading star of Jhalak, we need more of iconic numbers now, you are brilliant choreographer.
Jacqueline: Salman you love Jhalak, we love you, you inspire millions, you are a star.
Scores: Jacqueline 10,Karan 10, Farah 9. Total 29.

5. Swasti and Preetjot
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the title song of Om Shanti Om.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Its Farah’s popular song, there is feeling of celebration, you have done well, energy level was great, expressions superb, it was fun, it was cute.
Farah: Diwakar, I think there can’t be any other theme better, fabulous concept, I felt dance was less, Swasti has become good dancer, expressions are correct, Preetjot I will take you home, these two are stars of Jhalak.
Jacqueline: I love both of you, you are so cute, Swasti you are charming and have right attitude, you can dance and act very well, my fav part was when you came upto Karan, it was so cute.

Scores: Jacqueline 9, Karan 9, Farah 8. Total 28.

6. Teriya and Aryan
Dance Form: Contemporary Freestyle
They dance on the song Alvida….Yaariyan…. from the movie Cocktail.
Judges’ Comments:
Farah: Rishikesh, its superb. Too good. Teriya and Aryan, what an act, I can’t tell you, such things can’t be imagined, Rishikesh you have a director in you, you did lots of things which were fantastic, wow moment was when they were clicking the selfies, and she depicts what she is going within, that’s cinematic choreography, stunning act.
Karan: Congrats for creating sheer dance non stop, it was brilliant contemporary dance, you were showing friendship, it was touching and fantastic.
Jacqueline: This was a blockbuster performance. Teriya you can tell your friends that you love them, you are so fluid, I also want to tell my friends that I also miss them, great act guys.
Scores: Jacqueline 10, Karan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

Top contestant this week – Teriya and Salman.
Karishma and Swasti are the bottom two contestants. Karishma gets eliminated.

Top 5 Contestants perform.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ARK

    Totally rubbish!!!

  2. no one is interseted on jhalak this year hahaha especially there’ was no public voting

  3. #siddharthsupports

    1. siddharth is epic
      he does not get as much as he deserves

      1. teriya and salman r trained dancers. how do u expect sidd, shantanu, karishma and swasti to compete against them,.
        jhalak is made for non dancers not trained dancers.
        also this year vivek’s choreography not upto the mark.
        last year he was epic. god knows what has happened to him.
        when i came to know he is sidd’s choreographer i was very happy.
        but now i feel even teriya choreographer is better.

  4. Yeeeeeh shantanu got full marks ????????

  5. it is clearly shown that salman will be the winner of the show.

  6. It’s up the limit now I started hating this what the hell!!! Even after scoring 30 shantanu can’t be the star of the week it’s ridiculous and I think the wild card entries don’t deserve to compete with Salman shantanu and karishma how can they compare the performance of people without considering age!!! Pretty upset with jhalak now!!! INJUSTICE FOR SHANTANU

    1. agreed on age limit. a competition without age limit can be considered as fair as they are looking for talent. However, as per the judgement and score of JDJ9 till now, even if the judges do say when the performance is “annual day” level, there is a clear problem in the scores and comments. The kids do “annual day” level dance, but they still manage to look cute so they get 1 mark more, Shakti does it, of course it is not up to the level for an adult, he should be penalized but as he does not look as cute as the kids he gets 1 mark less. So finally if you don’t get a perfect 30.. u can be OUT anyday! Kids are saved for cuteness and adults are out.
      Completely illogical!
      They must understand that for that adult, coming to JDJ9 can be a career turning point! They are relying on that one show/opportunity to get a break or a living maybe. They kids are here to show their talents and they are way long for a career.
      So please for JDJ10, bring in some sense and add value to the show not but bringing kids as challengers but some really good stuff. Thanks

  7. This show is dragging on and on!! At this rate the finale will be in mid 2017. Some of the moves from Teriya’s performance was copied from the act Faisal and Rohan did on DID Dance ke Superkids. The song used was the same as well.It’s not a huge problem but ‘m just saying. I just want to watch the teen ka tadka episode…

  8. Itsss clearly see that salman willl win this show bt i thinkk salman is from dance family bt shantanu is very gdd performer and he deserve to win this show

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