Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 20th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 20th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manish and Ranvir start the show hitting jokes on each other. Manish says all the celebs will celebrate love by the theme I love. Ranvir calls upon Karan Tacker.

6. Karan and Elena

Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on Shammi Kapoor’s medley songs. O Haseena Zufon Wali…….., Badan pe sitaare………. Aaja Aaja mai hoon pyaar tera…….
Remo: You did great today, the way you danced, it showed you love Shammi Kapoor, amazing. You guys were superb today, outstanding.
Karan: I think it was your dad’s feelings, you were outstanding, this was your best performance, Shammi’s songs and moves are iconic, you did a great job and your spirit was intact, well done.
Madhuri: You really did like Shammi Kapoor, you were full of energy,

you did such a marvelous job, your dad really blessed you today.
Karan Tacker sings Aaja Aaja song for Madhuri and she too joins him. They dance on the same song.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
Karan makes a vote appeal to sms KAR to 56882.
Elena is leaving the show as she has to be with her mum, who is a professional dancer and its her last performance and she is retiring. Karan says he will miss her as a friend. Madhuri says we like to see you in your expertise before you go. Deepak joins Elena and they dance on the song Aa zara kareeb se………….. Elena leaves meeting all the contestants and judges.
Ranvir calls the next celeb Shakti for her performance.

7. Shakti and Tusshar

Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Aas Paas hai Khuda……… from the movie Anjaana Anjaani.
Madhuri: I want to talk to Shakti’s parents first, its good to consider daughter as son, you did a lot for her, I m so proud of you guys, I wish every girl gets such encouraging parents. Shakti, I did not know your leg was injured, you overcame all it and her name is right Shakti. Great job, beautiful. Tusshar made everyone emotional. Kudos to you, brilliant.
Remo: It was a real life story and made it in theme, amazing, there was few elements which we did not see before, outstanding. You were always behind her, this time is for your parents, this is it.
Karan: I felt Shakti is immensely well brought children, your parents must be proud, If I get married, I wish to get three four daughters, no son can match the support which a daughter can give. This act was very emotional. Well done and congrats.
Scores: Remo 10, Madhuri 10, Karan 10. Total 30.
Shakti makes a vote appeal to sms SHA to 56882.
Manish calls the next performer Kushal Punjabi.

8. Kushal and Mohena

Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on Yo Yo Honey Singh song Blue eyes……….. and Chaar Bottle Vodka.
Madhuri: it was very well on beat, amazing choreography Mohena and Kushal did very well.
Remo: You shows hip hop and used prop well. It was dangerous lift but that was wow. You are very strong Kushal. All the best.
Karan: Kushal is a great dancer and Mohena, I liked the act, you really gave me a party feeling, keep going, well done.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
Manish calls Remo for some hip hop moves. Remo dances on the song Chaar Bottle Vodka. Remo asks Manish and Ranvir to dance on the same song.
Kushal makes a vote appeal to sms KUS to 56882.
Manish and Ranvir ask Mouni what does she love….. Manish teases her and says India wants to know. She seals her tongue. Ranvir says then your love have to be crying. She says she will show it in her performance.

9. Mouni and Puneet

Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Roshni se bhare bhare………… from the movie Ashoka.
Karan: Extremely sensual. I noticed you did not change your expressions in water. You both maintained, that was the strength of the act, superb today.
Madhuri: There was romance more than sensuality. Mouni you are beautiful. You were clam and balanced, I felt I was seeing a movie, excellent, Kudos.
Remo: Amazing, its tough to create this rain act on stage, but you did. Puneet well done.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 10, Karan 10. Total 29.
Mouni makes a vote appeal to sms MOU to 56882.
Manish and Ranvir call Tara with a nickname Popo.

10. Tara Popowich and Jack

Dance Form: Jazz
They dance on the song Aao na gale lagalo na………… from the movie Mere Jeevan Saathi.
Madhuri: It’s a fav song, it has small beats which you did, I loved the way you moved, I think it was perfect.
Remo: Tara did lip sync, amazing. You did old school Jazz, on old song. The concept was understood, this is it and that’s how you roll it.
Karan: It was a wonderful performance and made me smile, superb act.
Scores: Remo 10, Madhuri 10, Karan 10. Total 30.
Tara makes a vote appeal to sms TAR to 56882.
Ranvir calls Puja next for her performance. She says she loves Karan Johar and wanted to become a part of his films, so she wants to give a tribute to him and his films.

11. Puja and Rajit

Dance Form: Bollywood/Freestyle
They dance on Karan Johar’s best films songs. Ye ladki hai deewani……… from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Suraj Hua Madham………. From the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Disco Deewane…………. And Radha teri chunri………..From the movie Student of the Year.
Karan: Puja I m so touched, thank you so much, all songs were mine, its hard to judge it. Good energy, simple, signature steps, nice, its all about me. I will come and give you a big hug for doing this.
Karan hugs Puja. Manish asks for a hug and Karan hugs Ranvir. Manish hugs him and sticks to them like glue creating a hilarious moment.
Remo: Puja and Rajit, what you did today, a medley and showed dress changes, it was fine, but choreography was not much, make sure you put your own steps into it.
Madhuri: I felt choreography was less, all others are performing brilliant, so you have to push yourself.
Scores: Remo 7, Madhuri 8, Karan 8. Total 23.
Puja makes a vote appeal to sms PUJ to 56882.
Manish asks Karan to take Puja’s audition and give her a break in his films. Karan gives them a situation to act like poor students, Ranvir an ill one and you keep dancing tacky and she is a rich hot student. You both have to tease her. The scene is very funny. Madhuri asks about Palak and everyone look for her.

Palak talks in the AV and says I won’t get a life partner in Jhalak, I want to go but you all will miss me, I will send my brother here to dance for you, till then I will go and come. Ranvir says next week, celebs have to perform on Remix music. Manish says the music tracks will be specially remixed, by Sachin Jigar. Remo says they are very talented music directors, you have to dance like Salman and Lauren performing now. Salman and Lauren dance amazing on the song Slowly Slowly………… from the movie Go Goa Gone. Karan says I worked with Sachin and Jigar, they have new age sound, it’s a good combination. Salman and Lauren had set a high standard. Madhuri says performance of the day is Shakti and Tusshar’s act.

Dances on Sachin Jigar’s remix songs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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