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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 12th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranvir and Manish start the show as its prop special today. They go ahead by declaring who is in the bottom two. Mouni, Akshat, Ashish and Shakti, and the rest are declared safe. Puja and Sreesanth are declared unsafe for the faceoff. They ask them to perform in the face off and call Puja first.

1. Puja and Rajit
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil…………. From the movie Bodyguard.
The judges punch in their scores and Manish calls Sreesanth for his performance.

2. Sreesanth and Sneha
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Aaja aaja din nichode……….. from the movie Kaminey.
The judges punch in their scores too. Ranvir says lets see their scores.

Sreesanth: Remo 7, Madhuri 7, Karan 7. Total 20.
Puja: Remo 8, Madhuri 9, Karan 8. Total 25.
Puja is back in the show and Sreesanth loses in the face off.
Remo: Sreesanth was no on his element, I felt you have left it.
Madhuri: I noticed Sreesanth detached himself.
Karan: God bless Sneha, we wish all the best to Sreesanth.
Ranvir asks the judges about Puja.
Remo: Rajit choreographed it well, Puja welcome back for third time, you perform well in face off, you still have to work hard.
Madhuri: You danced so well, come with focus and win, all the best.
Karan: I know you have ability to do better, this is 6th week for this, so work hard. Our judgment will duffer, so up your game and watch your moves.
Puja makes a vote appeal to sms PUJ to 56882.

3. Ashish and Shampa
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita………. From the movie Rowdy Rathore.
Madhuri: Very cute, Ashish surprised us, very good. She whistles for him.
Remo: Amazing, paisa vasool, Shampa brilliant choreography. Ashish did comin well in the act.
Karan: Ashish you rocked, outstanding. I did not see Shampa today. Ashish has out versatility in this act, I was floored.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
Ashish makes a vote appeal to sms ASH to 56882.
Madhuri dances with Ashish on the song Ankhiyon se Goli maare………..

4. Karan and Elena
Dance Form: Hip Hop
They dance on the song Happy Shappy……….. from the movie Best Of Luck.
Karan: Thanks for putting roses on it, but you won’t get points for this, you get points as you did amazing today. You used all props well, superb. You just wanted to have fun and we appreciate this.
Madhuri: I will take Karan home. Very well done, you did good popping, this is one of your best performances.
Remo: There was nothing missing today. You caught small beats, that means finally you got it, very nice Elena.
Scores: Remo 8, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 26.
Karan makes a vote appeal to sms KAR to 56882.

5. Mouni and Puneet
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Ibne Batuta………. From the movie Ishqiya.
Remo: You used shoes as prop. It looked like you were props for shoes, I liked it, few elements very well done. Best use of prop is this.
Karan: Superb choreography Puneet, its very good. Mouni performed very well, wonderful, pleasing, interesting and new. Best use of prop so far.
Madhuri: I like the concept, it came out very well. I enjoyed it. Fantastic.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
Mouni makes a vote appeal to sms MOU to 56882.

6. Palak and Kruti
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Kar Jane Ya Mar Jane Tu………. From the movie ABCD.
Madhuri: It was your dance magic, Palak as usual, you dance with full energy, Kruti showed a lot with the glass as prop.
Remo: I did not see exactly what you wanted to show. We saw magic in beginning and end, but the coordination was glass was not good.
Karan: I m sad that I have to agree with Remo, prop execution, I did not understand. I like this act the least. Choreography was not upto the mark.
Scores: Remo 6, Madhuri 8, Karan 7. Total 21.
Palak makes a vote appeal to sms PAL to 56882.
Madhuri and Palak dances with the hosts on the song Sheeshe se sheehsha takraye……… from the movie Devdas. The show ends with this wonderful eye relieve.

Remaining contestants performing. Remo and Madhuri’s Tango dance on the song Muskaane Jhuti hai. Wild card entries performances and their selection.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Amazing …… ashish…..

  2. Ashish champa were the best. They should have got 30 pts

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